a giveaway package!

I put together a super giveaway package for one lucky winner here!

A giveaway based on my oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair. Your bundle of goodies will include:

? A vintage necklace and pendant featuring one of the girls from my painting

? A 5″ by 7″ card with envelope

? A sheet of stickers

To enter the giveaway (and perhaps win this package!) all you need to do is tell me your favorite animal from my painting.

Is it the goose tugging on the red ribbon? The little fawn jumping? The fox pulling on the hair? The bluebird or the owl? The rabbit jumping into the birds nest?

Please choose one and leave me a message in the comments here! The drawing will be on Monday, February 8th at 8:00 PM eastern time. Thanks for sharing!

oh, an here’s the painting in full!

103 replies on “a giveaway package!”

  1. I hope I win! I look at your wonderful lockets every chance I get. The bluebird is my favorite. He just makes my heart happy to see him. I love your work.

  2. I do so enjoy the fox! Many thanks for sharing your lovely art with us all. Inspiring it is!

  3. My favorite is the fox. Where I live, I am always on the lookout for them, particularly because our country road is named Foxlair. But I always just miss them. I almost saw one cross our pasture but it was too far past twilight to make out any detail. Then again, three seemed to be running along the edge of the woods that I caught out of the corner of my eye, gone by the time my vision focused and my head turned. A little pull on the hair when one isn’t looking seems like just the sort of thing they might do.

  4. i love your picture! Its like ones of Frida Kahlo……….

    My favourite its the owl,always.
    I want participate from Spain, and i post you in my craftblog.
    My email is in my profile of the blog.

  5. I adore the fox. My brother had an imaginary friend that was a fox when we were growing up. I was always jealous that he spent so much time with that fox and also that he was creative enough to come up with such an eleborate character.
    Lovely painting!

  6. My favorite would be the owl. Particularly because you selected my personal favorite – the barn owl. All owls impart – to me – a sense of infinite wisdom and knowledge. But there is also such sweetness in their faces. Interestingly enough, they do not hoot – they make more of a screeching sound. I was fortunate enough to take photos of one such feathered friend up close a few years back. The position of Mr. Owl in your painting looks as though he’s forming the circle himself! This is truly one of my favorite paintings of yours!!!

  7. oh me oh my!! What a lovely set of pretties! : ) My favorite…so hard to choose, is the fawn or the fox, fawn, or fox, fawn or fox……oh…..I choose the fox!! : ) (Followed closely behind by, you guessed it, Mr. Fox)! Your work is always so breathtaking!

  8. Great blog!

    I really like your paintings. I have to say the bluebird is my favorite though. I just have a thing for birds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh goody goodness, what a difficult choice. But…I adore rabbits and nests, so I would have to choose the rabbit!

    I have admired your work on Etsy for quite some time. I have two shops there as well. One for my art and the other for my vintage photo collection.

    Dare I ask, would you care to exchange blog links?

    Garden Painter Art
    Musty Boxes Ephemera

  10. i love the goose the most. the red ribbon, and his colors are great. i love that painting!

  11. Although my last name actually means ‘fox’, I have a thing for bunnies. The one I like the best, is the one jumping down into the nest. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!

  12. I’d like to say the bat, even though he isn’t one of the major ones…he seems to be the only one apart fro the cycle, flying in a different direction altogether. Rebel bat!
    But if not, I’ll go for the rabbit going into the nest because my rabbit died a few days ago, back into the great rabbit hole/nest in the sky. Gawsh I’m sentimental ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I heart the blue bird.
    I heart all the birds there is.
    And I especially heart my budgie Zlatan who sleeps in my hand when I’m sad.
    But if I win he doesn’t have to sleep in my hand no more

  14. A lucky winner indeed! This is a really nice giveaway of your wonderful work. My favorite animal in your painting is the owl. Everyone else is following the flow of things and he’s reading the womens faces and looks as if he wants to back out of the whole mix with some hesitancy.

  15. Well, I love critters, so this is tricky! LOL! I think I would go with the fox. The way you have depicted him is so how I view foxes…sweet and gentle. He is my favorite!

  16. The Canadian Goose is beautiful. We see those here in the spring, summer and fall all the time.
    You are talented, I love your work! The goose is pulling on the red ribbon!

    Have a great day!
    Thank you!

  17. The owl is my favorite!

    p.s. this painting is pretty haunting. It has such an unsettling element to it. I love it!

  18. Hey! It is awesome that you are having a drawing of some of your fabulous work! It would be an honor to win such a prize! I love the blue bird because it is my favorite bird and I love the wing detail you created! I also like how it is sweeping down in the rainbow of animals almost like it helps to keep the movement going! The animals become verbs- telling a story of movement with joy and sadness.
    Love the work!

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