A golden November day, the sun poured through my windows like honey.

Found the prettiest vintage butterfly locket broach on ebay to house a mini print of one of my prints, but I don’t know if I can part with it…

With old Japanese faux pearls and a velvet ribbon around my finger to remind myself to sell it one of these days. Its golden, has a butterfly AND a locket for goodness sake!

A favorite crisp, clean part of my painting room (except the growing feather collection in the windowsill) I keep running out of places to keep my little finds!

And, new treasures! The little oval shaped framed portrait was given to me by my aunt, its so delicate I love it! Some acorns and pinecones from my forest walks, two new lockets to fill with mini prints for my etsy shop, a little ceramic wasp trinket box from anthro and other little things to admire..

A new painting I’ve been working on. I am loving this one and I am so anxious for the glazed layer in the background to dry so I can proceed. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. There’s another element to this piece but I’ll keep it a surprise for now…

On a more grim note (but appropriate for this time of year) I wanted to share some very old folksy headstones just a short walk from where I live. The cemetery is so old, with headstones dating from the early 1700’s! I went there today to admire the stones for the millionth time since I move here. These headstones fascinate me to pieces!

Mr. Aaron Burroughs. Born 1655, died 1755. I can’t believe he made it all the way to 100, back then. I love how they portrayed the wig!

Rebecca J. Bourroughs. She died in 1796. She has sort of a Martha Washington look, doesn’t she?

Poor Jonathan Darling. He only made it to 13.

A very bad attempt at cross bones from 1771. The lettering is pretty though.

This is my favorite. The folk art design, lettering and style is exquisite.

Yesterday was spent at my parents house Halloween Party. I was a kitchy little sailor girl (again). Today I worked on cutting watercolor papers for my new sketchbook (for my doodles and writings) went for three walks, painted, and sorted through my antique photos. Sundays are the best, as we usually don’t go anywhere and have the day to ourselves entirely!
Daylight savings. Hello dark late afternoons, endless grey and frosty windows. Hello November.

Tell me, what is your favorite part of November?

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  1. Oh, I don`t think I could part with that broach either, it`s beautiful. Your new painting look wonderful so far, I think it would look perfect with my Seafaring heart print 🙂
    I have an idea of what you surprise element will be, can`t wait to see if I`m right.

    I collect feathers too actually. I have done so since I was a young girl (but some of my collection has been destroyed since then because my sister and I played with them). Most of my collection rest in a large box with glass lid, but I also have feathers put in teacups togheter with glass raspberries and such.

    I love graveyards. I find them so peacefull and dreamlike, and I get loads of inspiration from the old headstones and decorations (and from the old names too).

    1. Collecting feathers is a fun hobby! I am a bit skeeved out about the lice issue…but it hasn’t happened yet and I’ve collected hundreds, including nests and little broken eggs!
      You must have lots of old gravestones in your county! Aren’t they pretty to look at?

  2. oh how i love november!
    i love the cool, crisp, darkness of it. i love staying indoor in november, dreaming of christmas time and baking and napping and reading books and when it’s so chilly outside i don’t mind staying in to write my papers for school! i enjoy collecting little bits of the earth just as you do. i especially love chesnuts. they are so smooth and they feel so good to hold in your hand. i have jars and jars of chesnuts and no clue what to do with them!

    1. Yes, they chestnuts are smooth! I felt a bit strange, stopping to pick up the chestnut and running my fingers on it’s smooth shell. But I see that I’m not alone.
      But roasted chestnuts are another story. I can’t stand the taste (but the smell is so inviting!)
      Happy November!

  3. Wow, such beautiful photos! Those headstones are dazzling, they are ART! I love the pattern and ‘home made artiness’ of them. But I am a little odd that way 😉
    Im starting to love November more and more as I get older. I love the paleness of it, the coolness and the excitement of the upcoming christmas season. At the end of November I go through the woods at my parent’s home and cut Cedar bows to use in my holiday decorations. Its when the gloves and the tights and velvet get dusted off and worn again. That’s reason enough to love November 😉

    1. thats funny, when I was in high school I did the same thing…collect bows of cedar in the meadow behind my house. I had to wear the thickest gloves! The act of collecting and cutting the branches felt to nice, so magical. I guess thats why I cut rosehips this time of year and dry them in bundles in my room.
      November love to you Heather!

  4. I love november especially because it’s very close to december, one of my favourite month. Unfortunately it doesn’t snow very often here in paris but november is the beginning of cold winter. It means that I can go back to knitting frantically.

  5. Gorgeous photos–you images always inspire me so! 🙂 I love that locket: definitely don’t part with it! 😉

    I think my favorite part of November is beginning to anticipate the hum of holiday activity! This year shall be a little off for me in that department, but I am still planning on a few “pre-holiday” things to mark the change in seasons and beginning of the end of 2008! 🙂

    1. yes, your wedding planning will take up lots of time I’m sure! I am SO anticipating the photos (I hope you post a few!) And thanks for the heads up NOT to part with the locket, i don’t think I will for now!!!

  6. What a beautiful brooch! I would not be able to part with it, either! And I’ve always loved those folk art headstones…..I’ve never seen any in real life, only in pictures….but they are so touching and magical and haunting!

    I think my favorite part of November is the coming of winter, and all the planning for holiday feasts and desert making (I’m a big desert fan, and any excuse to bake is a good thing!) I’m already planning out this year’s Thanksgiving trifle….I’m either going for a black forest creation, or a blackberry,gingerbread, lemon curd affair!!

  7. Yes, stunning brooch – too good to part with.

    I do share your love of beautiful frames, am collecting them slowly and plan one day to have a show of bizarre little portraits in beautiful, beautiful frames. So much fun. It’s probably a good thing you’re on the other side of the world or we’d be fighting over them. 😉

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