mountain love!

♥ An amazing, otherworldly fall weekend was spent in the mountains for our 5th anniversary! Stayed at an 1860’s mountain inn that was absolutely gigantic (and to say it was gigantic is an understatement, there were over 250 rooms!) Climbed tree houses, had picnics, wandered into bear caves, rode horses, collected acorns…
♥ The meadow full of wildflowers, monarchs and heart shaped trees a few miles from the inn.

♥ Autumn treasures. There will be many handfuls more.

♥ Serendipity. First the heart trees in the meadow, then this! I was blown away by this heart-shaped patch of moss on the tree, discovered while walking up the mountain path. You see it?

♥ At the tippy-top of the mountain was a castle-like lookout tower. We climbed to the top.

♥ Expansive view from above. From the Appalachian mountains we could see the Catskills. I even spotting a far away mountain where my parents house is, and I used to live.

♥ Went horseback riding through mountain paths.

♥ In a treehouse in the garden

♥ Doodles in my book along with collected blackbird feathers…

Thanks for visiting here and sharing in the autumn goodness! Speaking of, I will have a very pretty moleskine in my shop tomorrow, along with a special one-of-a-kind double cameo. Both feature Seafaring Heart so please do stop by!
xoxo sarah

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  1. Oh my gosh, heart shaped trees! And then to find lichen in the shape of a heart – yes I see it – growing on a tree…! You really did have a weekend of Love, didn’t you? And your sketchbook pages really are soooo lovely.

  2. Mohonk is an amazing place. I live nearby and have been looking for those heart shaped bushes for a long time! If you have any idea where I can find them I would greatly appreciate it!


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