Come with me…

on a fall walk through an old abandoned village! My favorite type of architecture resides here. Last weekend I attended a poetry festival in the village with thousands, and this weekend we returned all alone. So lets take little peeks in windows and knock on the doors of abandoned buildings and homes!

Ringing the bell, it is loud!

Wild rose hips grow abundantly around the village. I’ve been picking bunches to dry in my travels. Standing in polka dots on one of the very textured, paint peeling porches.

Frontier farmstead.

and a peek inside the foggy, wavy, cobweb covered glass…

Over-grown herb garden in front of a tiny colonial house. This one has a ghost scarecrow residing amongst the weeds, herbs, flowers and berries!

I left some wild rose hips in the old horseshoe above the door for the ancestor ghosts that reside there.

Frolicking to the mill, crunchy leaves underfoot! This stone building is so sweet. Inside was set up like a little rustic tavern (and is flooded…sad).

Another quaint dream house, complete with an old world herb and flower garden.

I am obsessed with stone bank houses and eyebrow windows. This one is a dream! A bit creepy inside too.

I just had to ring the giant rusty bell one more time before we left. The sound echoed though out the empty village. Notice the amazing white Victorian house behind me. A bit out of place in the village but it’s architecture completes my love for the place!

Thanks to my husband who followed me around, capturing this magical place! Some of the photos were a surprise, which was nice. I am a peeping tom, I guess.

On Friday I snuck another sketchy journal into my shop, which has a pretty new bookplate. It is sold but here’s a little teaser (there might be more, not exactly like this one though). To be filled with feathers and leaves, sketches and prose.

And a beautiful Autumn weekend to all experiencing the season!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that village is heaven!!!! I love the old homes, I would love to live in a place like that! Our west, we dont have that long tradition and early architecture and places such as these. So dreamy!
    And what a good husband to follow with you and capture these moments! Hope you both have a great anniversary, hurray for october romance!~

  2. Even though my now-home of Providence, RI is like a living historical museum, I miss Waterloo Village so much. Every add for the poetry festival on NPR made me a little misty-eyed and nostalgic for ol’ New Jersey. (actually, pretty much everything makes me miss New Jersey, especially in the fall.)

    1. I am so happy you know this place! It is such a dream and I only live a short drive away. I need to visit more often! It was my first time at Dodge Poetry and I am so psyched for the next festival. I wish it was held every year!

  3. Hello Sarah!
    Just popped in to say ‘hi’, after seeing your wonderful work on Etsy.
    I love your blog!……… its so inspiring and filled with such treasures!
    Those houses are amazing. Why are they empty???
    I will definitely be back for another visit soon, and shall add you to my ‘doorways that lead to lovely places’…… If thats ok by you 🙂

    Best wishes

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