snail rescue, a true story

Oh to be on a road trip in the middle of the woods, creeping along, carrying your home on your back a very busy snail with somewhere to be! Little did he know he was about to be crushed into a pile of mush by a bicycle!

Plan A: Tried to pick him off of the pavement but that didn’t work, the little guy simple ignored me and kept creeping along (and I was afraid to dismantle him from his home on his back.) This snails got serious suction cup grip!

Plan B: Took a leaf from the side of the trail and placed it in front of him. In the heat of the sun he crawled aboard.

Picked up the leaf.

Placed snail in the soft green moss at the side of the trail and watched as he crawled off, making sure he was headed in the right direction (the lush green woods).

The snail was on his way, oblivious of any human intervention, never pausing once.

Oh, how I wanted to take him home, poke three holes in a mayonnaise jar and place a few blades of grass inside!

Speaking of snails, paint is related to snails because it dries so darn slow! I took the day off and escaped to the seashore today, and missed my chance to photo my creation in the daylight, so I am betting that tomorrow the painting will be dry enough for a scan. Yes, I am hoping!

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