a perfect day to feel…

Another morning visiting my favorite spot to ramble along the trails and sit by the pond. The morning weather was perfectly overcast so I was able to stay out until 9:30 am! Usually I plan to be indoors by 7:30 due to the the intolerable heat and humidity. There has been a heat wave here so today I took advantage of the break (still no rain though). This morning the meadow was soft and full of queen anne’s lace.

Other inspiring, meadow-ish things, from above

? snippets of vintage lace from my box
? queen anne’s lace growing wild in the field and roadside
? finding halves of blue bird eggs in the green moss
? recent thrifted dishware, sweetly meadow themed with wildflower silouettes and mushrooms!
? a fawn at the edge of the field. I heard a rustling of grass and took a peek, to my surprise he was there! So sweet.

Looking forward to raindrops! Being stuck inside from rainshowers instead of heat sounds so soothing right now.

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    1. Yes, it is the best spot! And the fawn was so sweet. I felt bad about being so curious and disturbing her (she freaked out when she saw me) but in exchange she brought me inspiration (and I am sure she is relaxing now in the woods, away from all human contact!)

  1. Miss Sarah lovely!! Heloooo!! Oh, well, from your amazing photographs, you can’t tell that it is warm there right now.. It looks perfectly Jane Autenish and perfect for a picnic 😉 I would meet you out for a 6 a.m. picnic 😉

    I have to admit, it is wonderful here today. I went out at 6:45 a.m. to walk, and it was so overcast it was perfectly gloomylicious!! Then it rained on me, and I just let myself get positively soaked.

    And now, it is pouring.. A hurricane hitting Texas is giving Arizona a bit of rain.. We have had the best monsoon season ever. Lots o’ rain…Since as long as I can remember….

    Needless to say, without further babbling, I get the rain love! I am smitten with it! Now, if we could get a little more snow in winter….

    I looove everything you are up to as always. Love your work and all your photos!! PS, was that you below in the red dress, at Coney Island I think it was?? Well, that girl was perfectly beautiful in every way, I think it may have been you???? 😉 😉

    Lots of rain wishes to you my friend! xoxo, V

  2. Vanessa,

    How wonderful … rain! It is stormy here as well (but not a monsoon, just a little thundershower) and I was walking in the rain, getting soaked, and I thought of your video and the litte creatures a-hopping! What a sweet video you made, and I love the serendipity of it all with the frogs! You and your creations are too too sweet. Thanks much for you comments here, as well as inspiration in all that you do!

    and make more videos in the rain!


  3. That darling fawn!! Gorgeous! I found a half of an eggshell as well recently- such lovely treasures.
    Enjoy the mornings when you can! I’m looking forward to your painting as well.

    1. Thanks so much Eileen! This summer has been the best for nature-finding and treasure hunts!
      The painting will be complete tomorrow (just need the final touches to be dry enough for a scan)
      have a great week!

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