sketchbook page and a field of wildflowers

been dreaming and sketching gypsy carts as of late. This is a sketch in one of my larger watercolor albums. I cut up an old patchwork square and glued the fabric to the girl for some pattern ideas to paint.

and this, pure inspiration

I bought this old bought book called “Flowering Wilderness”. I haven’t the faintest idea what its about (and I would rather not know) I just love the title so much, it sparked some ideas. So I tore out the title page and hung it up on my inspiration ribbon. The book was so shabby (and cost a dime!) so I’m not worried about destroying it. It has a very pretty worn and faded purple cover too, which I kept as well!

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  1. Oh! This post is just brimming with ideas! 🙂 I love that new piece you’re working on and your inspiration line is beautiful… 🙂 (I love how you’ve used different clips to affix things.)

    Hope you’re having a lovely week thus far! 🙂

  2. thanks so much Casey! I am having a burst of creativity, expect to see many paintings soon. I just love summer:)
    The clips are just from Staples. I had wooden clothes pins, then I bough these, they are so sleek and they came in silver and gold. I am always changing my inspiration board.
    Hope all is well, happy wedding planning!

  3. oh Ulla, thanks so much! I wish I could, but you see she is in one of my fanciest, biggest watercolor albums (kunst & papier) and I can’t bear to tear it out, I fear it would ruin the binding. It was menat to be used as a sketch for a painting. So sorry!

    I am in love with your blog and all that you do!


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