Monthly Archives: August 2007

A new painting

Lets see, what I have been spending my time on…
I just finished my painting Ships in Bluebird Cages

I am so completely happy with it. It is much larger for me (16″ by 20″) and I am working at a slower pace. I have been longing to paint more detailed scenes as of late and this will be the first of many. Just look at these little keys dangling from the bird cages!

The painting is going to be part of a series called Something is Quite Not Right, an idea that was completely subconscious when I began. To me it deals with the innocence, simplicity and whimsy of childhood (little toy boats) and the complexities of our enviroment. Should the bewildered girl remove the ships from the cages and put the birds back in? Things still would not be right if the bluebirds were in the cages hanging from the trees. It’s sort of a catch 22 situation. I say she set the ships free AND leave the birds out of the cages! But how will she get out of her little boat thats sailing so rapidly down the stream? Her saving grace is the bluebird she holds. It really is the little things in life that bring the most happiness.

some details below…

I used snippets of antiqued art papers shaped as soft flowering hills in the forground. The final painting turned out to be far less cluttered than the initial sketch but I am still using elements from that in the next painting, which I am off to work on right now!

A print is available in my shop

vintage and henna

I spent my weekend outdoors, half of it by the sea painting henna beside the quaint porch of the fabulous Kitch and Kaboodle vintage store. The porch is stashed with so many treasures, including a rack of colorful prairie dresses and a pink fridge! I came home with lots of treasures.

I bought some oddities at a store called the Scarlet Unicorn and drank iced tea till I floated away.
I think I am going to henna my arm with a sepia ship sailing in the sea. Today will be spent painting and there will be an update in my shop very soon.

pretty things and a sketch

We went to Philadelphia yesterday. Lots of exploring the city’s quaint alleyways, yummy food and vintage shopping. I picked up the most rustic pair of pointy-toed wooden shoes. I have a plans to make them into something wonderful and whimsical, an art piece of sorts… but for now, they rest on my cluttered little shelf with my feathers and blue book collection.

The Anthro was the most amazing store I have seen! Three floors of pure delight in the most beautiful building. The ceiling was a dream.

Better yet, when I returned home yesterday their catalog was in my mailbox. The autumn clothing is so cozy, textured and ornate, such a wardrobe inspiration.

Although I have been busy scurring all over three states I have managed to start a series of new paintings. Quite a change for me…they are larger (16″ by 20″) and more detailed scenes and landscapes. Before I begin a painting (and after I have the concept figured out in my minds eye) I quickly sketch out the subject matter on large 18″ by 24″ newsprint. When I am happy with the composition I transfer the rough sketch to a stretched canvas. Much can change from here but the general sketch looks like this:

I usually have the color scheme figured out in my head, although it tends to change too! By the time the sketch is complete and transferred the newsprint is so tattered and worn from resketching and erasing, it sometimes does not survive! I am going to start scanning all my sketches, and share a few here.

My Favorite at the MoMA

Yesterday I ventured into New York to visit the Museum of Modern Art. I was excited to view the Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries, especially this by Kiki Smith.

This display case drew me in right away! A bunch of strange little gems…In it was a few Joseph Cornell boxes, a Frida, among others…

And a close up of Cornells Bebe Marie, so strange and beautiful. I was quite bummed that I missed his exhibit in Salem when I visited last.

It was fun to get really close to the paintings, and I will be going back very soon!