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Dedicated to late summer and early fallen leaves-

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My gigantic blackbird sits above it all. Things I’ve painted, stitched, found, was given, bought:

Another tiny poppy painting, by me. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, surrounded by leaves and cranapples, fallen.

My favorite velvet ribbon key. Star candle.

create ontop of nature items I found on the trail, star configuration:

blackbird and twigs:

Summers last bumble bee. Actually there’s lots of them buzzing in the branches I found fallen along woodland path.

Another tiny painting, textured with antique lace “tights” I found in a goody bin of vintage odds and ends. Acrylic on watercolor postcard.

Painted by me, acrylic on cotton fabric, small painting within a painting. Theres more…I just don’t know what to do with it.

Mushroom I found growing on a rich rotting log surrounded by the brightest golden leaves.

Mushroom sprouting from dense moss.

Pretty mushroom:

Cranapple configuration I left on along the woodland trail.