My easel top and a fabulous yard sale find

Sooooo….this is the current state of my easel-

Sketchbooks, cranapples and raven feathers collected from my walks, and wire basket with some awesome clear canisters found at Michael’s for mixing and saving paint. The torn-out magazine pages on the lower left hand corner feature an article about artists whose work I’ve been admiring:
AND it just so happens that I was at a yard sale this weekend and stumbled across one of their “Dexterity Games”. I spotted it from afar and my heart went a-fluttering. I am so psyched! It’s a print of their art in a plexiglass box, sides covered in handmade rice paper, and it has little silver balls that roll over the print to get into peg holes.

The nature items are for my early fall inspiration table, which I am setting up today. I will post pictures of it in all its splendor soon!!!