I finally made some stuff for me…

Falls wardrobe is coming out! After being much inspired by my walks and some sweet patterned vintage fabric finds, I finally decided to treat myself and make some cold weather textured bags for me. These bags arent for sale, I jsut wanted to show you what I’ve been up to.
Inspiration: found these in the park already! And look…a little yellow heart shaped leaf in the center!

I made some little bird pins from vintage fabric (I painted the 2nd one), which needed some bags to “perch” on.

This is the fabulous fabric! It was a 60’s skirt…but I loved it so much I wanted to use it daily. Just look at the little deer and birds!!

Very retro looking birds. I like.

My first bag is tiny made from soft, brushed gray fabric with the black bird pin. I always see these guys on my walks so I had to incorporate them into the design.

The 2nd bag is SO big. Its like a super big satchel. Super duper big. I put the patterened birdy on it.

I love this one. Its made from a textured grandma’s-couch-from-the-60’s type fabric with giant nerdy heart buttons.

A simple olive tote

…With a very intricate inside…a heart pocket! Yellow trim for a splash of color.

I just LOVE this layered outfit from Free People:

I have the store by me. They have the most unusual displays and an arty bike decorated with ribbons parked outside.
I just had to have a picture!