late summer inspiration

Almost as much as I love fall, I totally adore late summer. The cusp. Been taking long daily walks through a nearby meadow.

pics and story below…

Mucha-like in the meadow.

I waited for days to capture this guy on the thistle!

Dragonfly on reeds. Next to the meadow theres a serene bog-like pond with streams flowing from it.

The meadow path alongside the pond…

I love goldenrod.

This one was injured, laying upside down on the ground with a torn wing. I picked him up and he surprisingly flew away.

I wish people wouldn’t do this to beech trees…but this pretty much sums it up…I wish summer would last forever.

Time to go home- picking up my sketchbook and stuff from where I was sitting.

Snippets of wildflowers brought home so I can sketch them. Other stuff from my studio for my inspiration table.

My new “bulletin board” in my studio, inspired by my meanderings.