fabric dying, faerie house construction, life…

Spent most of Sunday playing with fabrics. Dyed some silk, and I would have done even more if I didn’t run out of the dye! Dying is so addictive, the paints/ dyes flow like watercolors. Here they are, hanging.

Lately I’ve been exploring ideas on WHAT to do with all this colorful fiber goodness. Lots of secret ideas…
Oh, and I am constructing my faerie house! Here’s the back wall, made of oak twigs (and others as well- rose, maple, willow….but mostly OAK!) To be druid-like, I wanted to make the house solely holly and oak but I became confused over the origins of my twigs:(

The face in the top window is an antique print that I have hanging in my studio room. It’s Psyche- 1909, by William Sergeant Kendall. Goodness, what a beautiful painting. She has very small discrete wings on her back. I am convinced that these are the best (I’m sooo sick of whacking people in the head and other places with mine!)
My holly leaves look great so far. They will done “curing” this Thursday. I hope to have my faerie yuletide cottage complete by then so I can “shingle” the roof with them! I still need to make some furniture as well- a table and shelf for downstairs (yes, it’s two levels!) and little twig bed for the loft. And I will most definitely want to sew a mini quilt for the bed. I’m using mostly natural items in the house, with the exception of the quilt and maybe a few teeny tiny glass jars (to hold herbs and gems) on the shelf.
I’ll post pics of all this soon!