Art Doll

Hooray! My little winged doll is in Quilting Arts Magazine! It’s been so long, I had almost forgotten. It was a pleasant surprise. I created this gal for “The Guardian Angel Art Doll Challenge”. AND…she’s a faerie!
I scanned part of the page here-

Maybe one day I’ll create some more art dolls (in the fiber medium, of course!)
Today I gathered more twigs for my faerie house. I glued the walls together. It still needs a roof and a bark floor, and THEN the holly shingles (my favorite part). I have been very, very crafty lately. A break from my artwork I guess. I’ll post pictures of all this very soon.
I also dyed some silk. Dying fabric is SO relaxing. I’m in heaven! I have this idea to start dying my own fabric for my fiber art. That’s my goal, so I’ll post a pic of that as soon as my custom stash is complete!
…Back to my silk dying.