Pretty Hair Thingy

Went to the Renaissance faire at Sterling Forest on Sunday and I left my lovely leaf crown at home! To take its place I bought a golden beaded corkscrew hair goodie, which I think looks just SO magical! You can purchase yours at:
Mine is the 4 inch gold hair twister with black beads as a charm…and you can get all kinds of charms (celtic knots, different colored beads etc). It’s SO easy to do, and they come with a swirly hair pin to keep it in place. When my hair gets really long I’m going to buy a fat pony tail hair twister. The girl who sold me this had two in her hair- one on each pigtail! They come in gold or silver… I purchased gold because it matches my warm-toned hair.
I just think that this charming little hair toy would look great with any gypsy, faerie and/ or pirate costume!!

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