Some funky…some magical… Yard Sale Finds…

Last weekend I went yard sale-ing and I found some of the neatest things! Look at this vintagy 1960’s jacket- for 3.00!!! It looks SO fun on- it’s bright blue with furry trim and orange flowers embroidered all over it-

Orange 60’s daisy embroidery-

A happy sunshine I put in the ivy leaves-

A 1960’s fitted rose print shirt from London-

The tag on the shirt gives the place where it was purchased, Carnaby St and Kings Road. I love old tags!

I got the prettiest purple table runner with two matching hand blown glass candle holders-

And a purple glass and gold bracelet from India-

I’m set!

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  1. Hey i was just wondering were did you buy or get the hair twisters that are silver and gold cause i wanna know cause i want to buy one.

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