a new place to call home

After many years sharing art, inspiration and life in general over at my old blog (and for the past few years, maybe more, ha! not blogging at all) I’ve decided to start fresh here, Sarah Blank Art. I do miss writing about my days and sharing photographs in a slower-moving journal-type format. This is just a teeny-tiny slice of my life but it does fill my heart with joy to photograph my musings keep a journal of sorts. Thank you most kindly for visiting here!

There is only one of you

There were roses everywhere. Now they are almost gone and withered away from the heat and rain. I’m glad I’ve been taking little snapshots of them when I’m out and about, I love how their petals resemble tiny hearts. I saved a few and pressed them in the pages of a book. Others I just held in my hand to feel their softness and absorb their fleeting fragrance until they get all sweaty and transparent and they are not so pretty anymore. My hands open and they fall to the sidewalk in a withered little ball.

I’ve been trying to work on small things recently so all won’t be lost. Because of time constraints and my terrible attention span (amongst many other things) it’s hard for me to dive into my paintings like I used too. So to get in the swing of things I’ve just been painting silly little patterns and petals in my sketchbooks. I always have grand painting ideas in my head that usually stay there for awhile then I get overwhelmed and then they kind of dissipate. Like forever. I need to do more sketching I think. To capture images at least, even if my grand schemes amount to absolutely nothing.

“There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
-Martha Graham

tiny white bell flowers

I wish I knew the name of this flowering bush, its just so pretty and simple. I’m liking simple. Witnessed on a walk around town. Then I decided to do a quick, folksy rendition inspired by them in my sketchbook.
EDIT: I figured out the name! It’s an old fashioned shrub, a Deutzia. Rare these days and it loves the shade. I love how the blossoms look a bit like snowdrops. Snowdrops in June!

on my drawing table

I’ve been working in my heavy duty sketchbook. It’s a real workhorse! Some pages are more finished than others (it’s more of a process journal/ painting/ idea/ color palette book I think). I like working this way, I can work through fragments of ideas with some instant gratification of having something complete. This page I’ve decided to make into a print, which will be coming soon to my shop!

Also in this photo: Jo sonja’s paint, liquitex, and a vintage photo which is bring me so much inspiration (swansea cottage).