inspiration: the harvest dance

So fitting for this time of year! Last week’s estate sale find, a framed print from 1840 The Harvest Dance. The muted colors are so perfect and totally inspiring me right now. Maybe it’s just the chilly (and very rainy) day we are having today here on the east coast.

I absolutely love these double dancing figures.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my autumnal coat from last post. I can’t wait to wear it this cold season!

6 replies on “inspiration: the harvest dance”

  1. I was looking through some of my art the other day, and I found a painting that I had ordered from you quite a few years ago 🙂 So I ended up finding your blog again 🙂
    I love this thrifted find! The colors with the grays looks so lovely 😀 It makes you just want to jump in the picture and join in that dance 🙂

  2. That is a really great find, Sarah. I see how you are inspired by the double dancers…the theme of two sisters or two women together can be seen in your own artwork. Why is that, by the way? Your sister illustrations remind me of my twin sister and it’s one of my favourite themes of yours.

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