A few days ago our little one was already a month old! (Hence the lack of postings here.)
Little Owen was welcomed into our world on August 26th 2010, weighing 7 lbs 13 oz.
It has been incredible. Also very tiring! I am still recovering and will be for a few more weeks, but slowly getting into the grove of things as I adjust and balance my new role as mama.
For now, our cat Max has taken permanent residence in my little nook of an art studio.

I am so excited about the fall! Yesterday I finally felt ready to venture out, Owen and I went for out first walk together. It was nice to take a breather away from home, have him sleep in his stroller while I daydream a bit.
And I am finally catching up on all my blog-readings and emails, so please bear with me. Have a great weekend and a very happy autumn to all!

17 replies on “welcome!”

  1. Oh dear, congratulations! Little Owen looks wonderful (and is also quite funny and already has his own blog, what a champion!) and is lucky to have you as his mama.
    Take good care of yourself and I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring Fall.
    Once again, congratulations and welcom to the world, Owen!
    MJ xx

  2. Congratulations, what a beautiful baby Owen is! I hope you’re all settling down just fine together. I have a six-month-old baby and my, I found the first couple of months to be quite a shock, I hope it’s a bit easier on you!


  3. Congratulations to you, Sarah! Owen is such a cutie. This is a beautiful photo of the two of you. Enjoy your special time alone time together. 🙂 All the best, Theresa

  4. OH! Congratulations Sarah!! He is so beautiful!! You must be over the moon! What a cutie!! Be sure to get rest for yourself and enjoy a lovely Autumn! : )

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