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wildflower fields and other places

New art tomorrow! But for now…

What is it about sitting in a sun-drenched wildflower field, late afternoon, in the fall? The filed was blooming with michaelmas daisies, goldenrod and milkweed pods about to burst.

We took a little trip down the Delaware River to New Hope, PA for the arts festival (and to explore the alleyways and gawk at the stone dwellings). Walked around and looked at the art stalls, went in the bookstore… it’s always been my favorite little river town rich in history with some of the earliest and most significant stone buildings in the United States.
Antique home by the back street canal, wrought iron gates and ivy.

Early 1700’s stone building, in town.

Then we drove up to Frenchtown, NJ for a bit. It was totally appropriate because I just finished reading “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and she lives there!

Favorite Victorian in the wee town…

yesterday evening

Been pulling out my comfy fall-ish clothing. Yesterday was so windy and cool. The skirt above has been a favorite… I found it a few years ago in a vintage store in Salem, Massachusetts. Every time I put it on it reminds me of one of our many visits there.

and I love how crunchy the leaves have become!

Early yesterday evening I went out to a favorite sitting place, a great big pond in the middle of a pretty meadow. I like to relax there and watch the birds and things, quiet and solitary. The swans came right up to me and I was watching them preen. They make the strangest little sounds, almost like a muffled kazoos.

The pond, above, was so pretty last evening. It’s that strange time right before the leaves turn.

The past few weeks I have been in more of a walk-through-town mood. But I think I am going to start visiting my meadow daily again, to soak up all the autumn goodness, before it’s to chilly to sit on the ground.

I have another new drawing almost complete.

Today we are taking a little trip, following the Delaware down to Frenchtown, then to New Hope…spending time going in bookstores and shops and walking around the town and by the river. The area contains some of my favorite old homes, so I’m sure I’ll take plenty of photos.

Have wonderful weekends, all!


I just thought I would show a preliminary doodle in my beloved hardbound sketchbook, which follows me around everywhere.

I usually take up many pages in my book before it comes together.
Happy fall, all!


Hello hello! Happy autumn to all! I am so excited about the season, the thought of it all is too much! I am enjoying late nights with my sketchbook. I have two books for sketches, one with scratchy doodles (the kind I chicken scratch so I don’t forget) and one with more refined drawings. Keeping up with the fall goodness, staying inspired and making many plans for future paintings.

Graphite on hot pressed watercolor paper, 8 1/2 by 11 inches

Little Theater

I love this one, it’s like a little theater for your neck! It’s in my shop.

The other day I came home from my grocery shopping with three white pumpkins. I absolutely love the white ones.
My weekend was nice and quiet, full of walks, hot cups of coffee, photo-taking, peeks at (and daydreaming about) all the pretty antique homes in my town. There are so, so many!

And drawing! I drew and played with compositions in my hardcover sketchbook (a must-have for me) and now I am working on some graphite drawings on loose leaf cotton paper. Cotton is a dream to work on and it responds well to the passage of time which makes me love it more. Working on meshing all my scratchy sketches together. Oh, and tomorrow is the first day of fall!

Ships at Sea pendant

Went outside amongst the acorns and oak tree trunks. I just put up one new pendant In the shop. I love the shape of this one and how it compliments the imagery. Would look so cute with a little brown calico dress or an antique white lacey blouse. Hello fall (you’re almost here, finally!)

one fox

A new pendant necklace featuring a floating fox from my oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair . Now in the shop.

late late summer

Soaking it all in. It is still summer, it didn’t fully slip away just yet.

This weekend was…

And, sparked by a recent commission…

As well as other images, made into big pendants, for the shop

mmmmm….I just love when the late afternoon sun pours down like honey.

rainy day, again

Have been working on cotton watercolor paper, a sketchbook of sorts. Playing out my little portraits in color, experimenting with the idea of softer….softer lines and maybe colors, sometimes. Definitely softer edges. The rough watercolor paper mimics the texture of the canvas of which I am working on today, and of which is stacked up hight next to my little painting table.
Sketchbook page…

And planning on writing and taking more pictures for here, of everyday things that I oogle over, pass by and also my sketchbooks and clothes, maybe? so…

This is a lovely garden shed (and New Englandish Cape Cod style home in the background) that I purposely walk by almost daily, down the street from where I live. The estate dates back to 1730. Oh my 1730!

There is an underground tunnel from the shed to the house. George Washington was a frequent visitor to this home. He used to strategize against the British with General Lafayette in this house. There is a rock in the basement that he used to sit on. And that rock is still there (of course!).

And it’s for sale.

But I just love the little shed.

There will be more jewelry soonish. I am working on some more fox pendants.


A cloudy day late summer walk, on my way out the door…

I found the black bunny on the curb the other day (amongst heaps of trash) !!

I love when the roses bloom in late summer.

Traipsing through town taking photos of my favorite historic homes, for memories.

So perfect in so many ways.