yesterday evening

Been pulling out my comfy fall-ish clothing. Yesterday was so windy and cool. The skirt above has been a favorite… I found it a few years ago in a vintage store in Salem, Massachusetts. Every time I put it on it reminds me of one of our many visits there.

and I love how crunchy the leaves have become!

Early yesterday evening I went out to a favorite sitting place, a great big pond in the middle of a pretty meadow. I like to relax there and watch the birds and things, quiet and solitary. The swans came right up to me and I was watching them preen. They make the strangest little sounds, almost like a muffled kazoos.

The pond, above, was so pretty last evening. It’s that strange time right before the leaves turn.

The past few weeks I have been in more of a walk-through-town mood. But I think I am going to start visiting my meadow daily again, to soak up all the autumn goodness, before it’s to chilly to sit on the ground.

I have another new drawing almost complete.

Today we are taking a little trip, following the Delaware down to Frenchtown, then to New Hope…spending time going in bookstores and shops and walking around the town and by the river. The area contains some of my favorite old homes, so I’m sure I’ll take plenty of photos.

Have wonderful weekends, all!

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  1. Oh, love those pretty dotted tights with the boots. I have some similar boots, I’ve always loved little pointy lace-ups. And the pond looks so magical! I cant wait to see more photos of your little jaunts. Very sweet….

  2. Have you ever been into the old mansion there on Main St in New Hope that will give you a tour? I cant for the life of me remember the name of it, though Ive walked past it a million times and the name is right on my tongue. Its amazing inside!

    The Parry Mansion! Thanks Google. Have you ever gone inside?

  3. Yes, wonderful photographs here. They all connect in that magical storytelling way that you have in all your paintings. Here’s a question for you: What are your favourite books & films?

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