Shelburne Museum, cont’d

I love this museum! More highlights of antique art pieces from my visit to Vermont. The rooms were dark and things were behind glass, but here are some favorites to inspire!

There were over 200 hat boxes and band boxes on display.

A detail and a bonnet!


I love the shape of her dress and the pose (look at the little horse on the table!)

There were rooms of diorama’s and doll house rooms, bird stores, general stores, hat shops. The museum rooms that housed these were so dark, and each little diorama was illuminated.

The dollhouse rooms were in little boxes hung on the wall.

For some reason this drew me in. I think it was the hummingbird in the snug little nest!

I love all the little layered details and glazes.

Although I didn’t see it happen, the layered paper images in this piece move…

These two guys were so sweet paired behind the glass.

There was a room of dollhouses. I love how this one looked so golden.

A favorite scrimshaw on the shelf…

And two more things…

This pipe is so silly.

That’s it for now! I am off to finish the tiny details of my honeybee painting, then scanning the final piece with hopes of posting it here later on today.

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  1. What an enchanting museum! The painting of the girl is so charming, as is that wonderful hat box room. This is my favourite kind of museum – the kind that is filled to the brim with curiosities and oddities and everything in between. What an inspiring place!

  2. I never knew there were such treasures!! I am in awe of all this loveliness!! And your new painting……stunningly beautiful (as always!) Your bees are magical, indeed!! : )

    And all those hat boxes and bonnets…….sigh…..heaven!! : )

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