apothecary and herbs

We went to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont and it was sensory overload! Much bigger than expected, I could a full week there studying and sketching the fascinating items on display and roaming the beautiful grounds. The museum is full of folk art, textiles, dolls and doll houses, automata, and other odd 17th to 20th century artifacts. I’ll be posting some of my favorite (photographable) things from the museum in the next few days, in themed groups. But for now…

Old time Apothecaries fascinate! So many strange (and not so strange) things all bottled up on display. Shelburne has an amazing apothecary room and collection.


Dragons blood and unicorn…

gardens outside

The hearth was aflame! It was hot in the little cabin, but a children’s camp was cooking inside and making bread outside! I live the earthiness of this stone fireplace.

more gardens, of yarrow

by my little dream house…

more very soon!

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  1. Looks like another great little Vermont museum! I love those cozy little gardens.
    That’s so crazy we saw that same house in Bennington! I saw people were still living in it too, can you imagine being able to explore there?

  2. I saw your art on etsy , enjoyed it very much, saw your blog with the fox pendant, lost but oh well , love the name that was choosen, and was inspired to keep checking back! I stated before , such an inspiration! I LOVE these photos

  3. My kind of daytrip! Unicorn and Dragon Blood, huh? Well, they certainly had imagination when concocting their herbal (and mysterious powder) remedies. Imagine what life must have been life there back then… This place certainly provides a perfect setting for a novel or a screenplay…or for a painting! I’d like to see how you incorporate this place into your artwork, Sarah.

  4. What an amazing trip! I hope someday to get my little self up to vermont…dont know why–but I feel like I belong there! Oh, I love that cabin with its rambling cottage garden….my dream house too!

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