through the hallway

We happened to visit the most magnificant, quaint (and very abandoned) summer cottage. It was the dreamiest little abode that I have ever set foot in! This is the main hallway in the cottage…

A forest of hand painted trees adorned the hallway (and to get to the hallway we had to go through a door that resembled a bookshelf!) The lamp hanging overhead made it perfect! I can’t even begin to describe the rest of the home, which was basically untouched since the 1930’s or 40’s. Minks were in the closet. Luggage made a night stand for dusty books. And there were little bird chachkes stashed away in cupboards and antique blue glass bottles on windowsills.

And today, my father gave me three feathers he found laying in the snow. Look carefully and you will see a little spot of red blood (a hawk I presume).

Can anyone tell me which bird these feathers are from?! I have a few others of these kind and would love to know!

My swan portrait is currently half-complete. It’s resting (drying so I can add some glazes in the background and other little details). Today I decided to paint her a sister as well! She’s sketched out and is ready to transfer to another panel. The bulk of the second portrait will have to be completed over the weekend. Thanks much for all your comments on my other painting and sketches. I hope to reply tonight!
Good night all!

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  1. oh, where is this magical little cottage? do you have more photos? it looks so wonderful! and how brilliantly colored those feathers are! i love feathers too. i heard in the olden times, they were considered to be good luck…

  2. God, that cottage is so lovely. I can’t believe those trees are handpainted. If I ever have to good fortune to buy my own home, I’d totally devote part of it to a secret door and handpainted wallpaper in the corridors.

    I second the gold finch vote. That dramatic yellow seems like their color. But then, I’m no expert.

    I can’t wait to see the portrait when it’s finished!

  3. Oh la la ! This cottage is the dreamiest, indeed ! I could easily picture it in a Fairy Tale !

    And the feathers are so pretty ! I don’t know the kind of bird it can be. The colours are so powerful and unexpected -at least to me, French girl-
    The blood spot makes me sad …

    x x x

    1. I havent heard of that bird, now I need to look it up! I was convinced that they were from the american goldfinch. Oh dear!
      ps- posted a photo of the outside cottage…
      Thank you, Julianna.

  4. Hard to believe such a treasure is abandoned… And the chandelier still works? Hmmm, sounds as if fairies live there.. Utterly delicious hall way painting!!!

  5. I enjoyed the cottage photos very much, and must agree with Julianna that your feathers are certainly those of a yellow shafted flicker, which is basically a type of woodpecker. Your blog is great!

  6. Oh my, this IS a magical cottage! I want to know WHO lives (lived) here. IS (was) she or he an artist? A writer of romance novels? A botanist (does it have a garden outside?)?

    1. No clue. The cottage was for sale (hence the reason why the electricity was on)
      But it was abandoned (the insides were all left over from the 40’s!)
      And we were fortunate to be able to take a peek!
      There were overgrown gardens, and I think the owners were very much into flowers and the like!

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