grey day

Rain, bare branches and grey-washed skies today.

Enjoying the novelty of being able to see the bark and rocks and mossy texture on the ground (as I am quite sure this delight will wear off by mid winter!)

Despite the rain (and to wonder why I am feeling a bit under the weather) I decided I needed some fresh air. The little stream directly behind us was a-flowing!

Squeezed in a little walk today. Have you ever watched raindrops as they slide down bare braches and drip slowly from berries and wild rose hips?

A sneak peek at a few paintings in progress, they are coming along s-l-o-w-l-y.

There’s images in these compositions you may recognize…some maybe not. I don’t want to say much about them because I don’t want to give anything away (and I change my mind a lot so they might not be there when the paintings are complete).

I’m working on so many things right now, I just keep jumping from one project to the next. Today I put these aside and worked on a book binding project I am currently obsessing about.

I got this in the mail today! I have three gals from the same family. I am just as thrilled with the delicate embossed border as their faces. It just amazes me that these little tintypes were around during the Civil War. Holding them is like holding little gems (and please try to ignore my horribly dry, chapped hands!).

They are from the ever sweet Oh My Buttons! and I am so happy to add them to my ever-growing collection of old photographs.

And speaking of gems and collections, I am loving this sweet 50’s tuxedo blouse I bought from
The dusty Dog Vintage Boutique

It’s perfectly fitted and is the best shade of gold with little ruffles and mini buttons…I wonder why the 1950’s is my favorite clothes period to collect and wear?! It’s getting harder and harder to find these fashions, but when I find the perfect piece my heart jumps! I have quite a collection going (and yesterday evening was spent organizing it all in my closet so it’s within reach to wear!)

And for those of you who are wondering…there will be a print giveaway sometime next week…but not here! For now it’s a secret but I’ll fill you in when it occurs so you can have a chance to win!

Have a good day, and for those of you in the northeastern US, stay cozy for the rainy weekend!

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