Giveaway Winner!

I was completely overwhelmed and so incredibly happy when I took a look at how many entered the giveaway! 60 sweet people! Well, my plan to use a little vintage vase to draw the names from was busted, so I used an old suitcase instead. Perfect!

I cut up the names (along with their summer highlight) folded each one and put them in the case, swirled them around a bit and pulled out a winner…

Michaela is the winner! And just listen to her summer plans… I think the highlight of my summer so far was being accepted on the Illustration course at Falmouth university in Cornwall. I cannot wait to move to live by the sea, in a little marine town full of subtropical fauna and flora, and old pretty boats. I have found a house to share with two girls, and my room has a lovely view of the sea…I am so excited to move there in september!

Congrats Michaela for winning my little watch here, and big, HUGE congrats on your college plans, they sound like a dream (and I am quite envious of the little marine town!)

Thank you everyone for sharing your summer bliss! I enjoyed reading them all so much.

5 replies on “Giveaway Winner!”

  1. awww many congrats to her! I think when she brings it with her to college it will always have a special place in her heart

    (and that is a lovely suitcase by the way; I love the lining)

  2. I missed it 😉 Oh well, a visit here is a gift in itself 😉 COngrats to the winner, what a fab time she will have on her voyages! xo

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