Giveaway Time!

It’s a vintage pocket watch (clock hands removed) with a mini print of Seafaring Heart inside! And this watch has a story (a creepy but magical one of sorts). I bought it from an antique dealer at an outdoor market, I found it as I was digging through a box of rusty things and for some reason I felt compelled to make it mine. It was broken, but for some odd reason it would start ticking here and there, without winding (the winder knob was broken.) I was honesty sick of hearing it go off at random times so I decided to dissect it and use the watch body as a frame for my print (little gears are still inside though). I want to pass it on to you, bewitched as it is. I think the ticking might have forever stopped but the winner MUST let me know if it starts up again!

Hang it on the wall OR wear it around your neck. It comes with a pretty vintage lace tie and some bits of calico!

Do you want it mailed to your doorstep wrapped in pretty antique fabric?

To win it all you have to do is describe to me the highlight of your summer thus far! I will randomly choose a winner Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM! Please don’t be shy!

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  1. Oh my goodness–I *love* it! And what a neat story behind it too (I must say, this particular print of yours is my fave).

    Hmmm….My highlight from the summer was a quick daytrip I took up to Victoria, BC Canada (I did it just last week!). I left at 5am and didn’t get back home to the Seattle area until 11pm. It was awesomely fun. Haven’t been up there in ages. And the BC Museum there is astounding–you would have so much fun walking through it. Lots of taxidermy animals of all sorts (they even have a giant squid carcas there!) and miniature dioramas and replicated half-scale cities built indoors that you can actually walk through. Truly amazing.

  2. Very nice story for giveaway. I promise if I win it I will let you know if it keeps on ticking…

    I have to say, the highlight of my summer was when my best friend, who weighed almost 400 lbs. got down to 250 lbs. after surgery and was able to ride her horse for the first time since she had this horse as a baby. He is now 8 years. She had been too heavy to ride at all for years and years. It was such a wonderful thing to see her climb on her horse and go for a ride with her new, healthier body. It has been her dream for years and it finally came true. Since she is my best friend.. It was one of my happiest days ever!!!


    1. My highlight of my summer was going to Costa Rica. We zip lined, white water rafted, and reppelled down waterfalls. The beaches were picture perfect and the locals were so nice and really made an effort to try to speak to us. It was the best vacation hands down.

  3. The highlight of my summer- hmm- it might be yet to come- our backyard has been a mess for a couple of years because we had some foundation work done. We finally got it graded, sodded and are in the process of getting a deck built. I think the highlight of my summer might be being able to enjoy my backyard again.

    Love your style- I was going to tell you how much it reminds me of my friend Amy Abisher Reyes- but I see you’ve already got her on your blog roll!

  4. The highlight of our summer was taking our 7-year old son to Disney World! He was so excited that it made the trip worth it. He’s still talking about. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve lurked your lovely journal for a long while now, but this seems like a good chance to de-lurk! I love this particular painting and would love to have it in miniature. Fingers crossed!

    The highlight of my summer was my trip to Kashgar. It’s in the westernmost reaches of China, on the ancient Silk Road, where 90% of the people are Uyghur, Kyrgyz, Kazakh or Tajik. I stayed in a yurt with a Kyrgyz family who lived snuggled between a glacier lake and a rocky snow-capped mountain. They filled me full of salty milk tea and bread and they spoke a beautiful, rhythmic, melodic language. I rode a camel around the lake and went to the bathroom outside, with the most gorgeous view to look at while I did my business.

    So that was the highlight of my summer! Although being able to feed pandas in Xi’an was a VERY close second…

  6. Oh goody! I love things with a creepy story to them, and that painting is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful giveaway!

    I would have to say the highlight of my summer has been a recent ‘trip for two’ to Arizona I took with my husband. Really, he went for work and I tagged along. But it was the first time in recent memory that I could sleep whenever and however long I wanted (and I was up at dawn! Darn those later time zones) and lounged by the pool overlooking a gorgeous desert mountain reading a fluffy romance novel (Somewhere in Time, remember the Christopher Reeves movie?)
    Anyhow, it was amazing and magical. I saw so much good folk art that is still racing in my mind. But I was missing my little one so bad that I wasnt too sad to leave the desert and head home to the prairie.

    So that’s it for now! But the summer isnt over yet πŸ™‚

  7. This summer has been so magical to me – the first return of the garden I planted last year, my first vegetable garden ever, and finding magic in tiny places around my own home that I never would have thought to look before. That is perfection!

  8. I was lucky enough to travel around southern california to small beach towns I had never seen before. Not only did I meet some great people, but a bird flew over my head and grabbed onto me, trying to pick me up! Definitely strange but the whole thing was a blast!

  9. It is so beautiful!
    My highlight of this summer was falling in love with the perfect person for me. After being with one for three years who did nothing but bring me down as a person, a person who was emotionally and physically abusing…I finally got the strength to end things with him. And so soon afterwards, I met the most amazing person. He lifts my spirits and helped me regain my faith and hope in everything. This summer has been so unlike any summers past. He makes me laugh and brings me out of my shell. He takes me out. He introduced me to his amazing friends and we get together and have barbecues and it’s always a blast. He and I are perfect for one another and for once I am genuinely and truly happy.

  10. Lovely watch and one of my favourite prints too πŸ™‚

    The highlight this summer has been the trip to my husbands family who we haven`t seen since 2004. Since then we have had two kids, so the whole family arranged a huge party for our daughters. We had a lovely time, and a few days after we got home it was our youngest daughters first birthday, so we have eaten a lot of cake this summer, lol.

  11. How lovely & what an interesting history~

    My highlight of the summer was my wedding. I was married on June 21st (summer solstice). I met my husband in 2000, started dating him in 2005, & became engaged in 2006. I chose June 21st because my grandparent’s were married on June 15th & my grandfather’s birthday was June 20th. June’s a very special month…& this has been the most special summer yet. πŸ™‚

  12. this might not be as big as everyone elses but my summer highlight was moving to my 140 year old building, a lovely place of my own to share with my husband!!! as well as getting studio furnature and new paints and brushes:D that makes me so happy:)

  13. What a wonderful giveaway!!

    Hmmm, let’s see. I think my highlight is yet to come. I’ve been living in NYC for 7 years now and for the 1st time ever, my brother, his wife and my 2 year old niece are coming to visit!! I’m eagerly waiting, barely on the edge of my seat πŸ™‚

  14. I am absolutely in love with Seafaring Heart. This little vintage watch makes it that much more dear

    My highlight this Summer was my birthday, and it has to go with gifts, but not for reasons one might think. Months ago my mother flew across country, to San Francisco, for a class reunion. She asked me if I’d like anything while she was there and I said ‘oh yes, if you’re in Japantown please do look around for me!’ Well she took her trip, and no little goodies arrived in the mail.

    Then, two days before my birthday a package arrived for me, from her, a birthday present no doubt. As a rule, she likes to give serious, practical, β€˜nice’ things. Since I appear to be a grown-up she finds that I need, oh let’s say, a dishwasher. Since I believe I am a kid I think that I need … a dollhouse, for instance.

    So expecting a nice no-nonsense sweater, or something along those lines, I opened up my box to find it packed full with all sorts of wonderful, tiny, exquisite treasures! Incense, soap, stationery, erasers … all from Japantown. All wee and wonderful and so artistically pleasing and satiating. I was so thrilled, and so completely touched. She probably spent less on this gift than any she had ever given me, and I loved it more than any I had ever received.

  15. That is gorgeous! I love the little fox and the red birds, are they cardinals? And the story behind the watch.

    Hmm, I think the highlight of my summer so far was being accepted on the Illustration course at Falmouth university in Cornwall. I cannot wait to move to live by the sea, in a little marine town full of subtropical fauna and flora, and old pretty boats. I have found a house to share with two girls, and my room has a lovely view of the sea…I am so excited to move there in september!

  16. hi sarah! thanks for you kind comments on my blog..i’ve seen your work on etsy and it is lovely! i’m subscribing to your blog…lots of treasures here!
    and what a perfect time for me to come.. my summer has been a very busy and kinda stressful one, sigh. it sort of breaks my heart..this is the time i regenerate and it’s what gets me through the wintertime..i’m nervous i haven’t yet enjoyed the summer months enough. the highlight of my summer so far has been moving back downtown with my boyfriend. the summer would have been more crazy had i not done this..and being with him makes things much more fun, and we do have little adventures here and there. i just hope we can make it to the beach eventually!

  17. Art camp in Richmond, Virginia has been the highlight of my summer thus far. It’s a beautiful, interesting city full of history and secrets and lovely little coffee shops. And I learned so much and made so many friends… I can’t wait to do it all again next summer.

    Anyway, that is the loveliest little necklace. Whoever gets it is so lucky!

  18. haunted, magical, lovely. i would adore to wear it around my neck & keep it safe clothespinned to my wall when not being worn…

    the highlight was just a few days ago. a friend was visiting from san francisco & we ventured to a lakefront park with colored pencils and cameras and notebooks and a big picnic blanket (brown and green, birds printed all over). we ate some mushrooms (of the hallucinogenic variety) & became even more transfixed by the swell & pulse of the trees, the knobs of bark, the colors of our skin & the shapes of the clouds…. we drew for an hour or so, in our separate notebooks, and when we were done, we realized we had both been drawing NESTS. my friend’s: a big swirl, an underground nest. mine: full of eggs and the universe. when we looked up from our nest drawings we realized that the people around us were very very tiny & believed we had stumbled into an elven kingdom… this led to wanderings about the lake and eating delicious ice cream sandwiches sold to us by a very little person…. magical summer, indeed!

  19. What a great story behind the watch! As for the highlight of my summer, there are so many,mainly getting to be outside a lot with my daughters and also having a lots of people come visit us, good friends we hadn’t see in a while.

  20. =D Ahem – I am an international poster. I hope you will accept my comment, because I love your work! And your “Seafaring Heart” is an absolute beauty. I just had to leave a comment to try my luck in winning it, and making it my own.
    The place I am residing now will only see summer in 6 months time. Yes, I’m having winter now =D. The highlight of winter so far is having my bestest girl pal from Poland, visiting me. We did all the stuff we like – ‘binge’ shopping, gossipping, midnight baking sessions, and throwing popcorn at Tom Ripley on our Matt Damon movie marathon/sleepover night. Great times!

    Thanks and have a brilliant day!

  21. i look forward to your posts so much πŸ™‚
    nothing truly exciting has happened to me this summer but theres been so many lovely days like this one: my boyfriend and i woke up and made breakfast together, bacon, eggs, toast and everything. it was delicious and then we went for a walk in the meadows behind my house and layed around in the soft grass until we were hungry again and went into town for some fresh baked brown bread and raspberries! we live in such an adorable town in nova scotia. we just sat around the waterfront watching boats come in, counting jelly fish, eating our brown bread and raspberries and buying lots of homeade fudge! it was such a hot day and looking at the water was too much so we decided to go to a nearby beach and we just swam for so long out into the atlantic. it was dangerous though because we were so exhausted for the swim back to shore! i collected lots of shells, sea glass and driftwood for little projects. anyways, it was very simple and slow but such a nice day that really sticks out as the loveliest.

  22. My finest moment this summer was the day before yesterday. I have been crying all summer being apart from her and everything warm I can come up with. My dear fox Maaria knew I was feeling deep blue and came to me by train, forgot about her duties, forgot everything but me. She even brought me my favourite candy I only eat at Christmas. She silently whispered the right words and now I have to sew her something beautiful. I already gave her a drawing of her and me and she was the beautiful fox of course.

  23. oh Dear….I must say, your Bumble Bee Sisters painting is SO LOVELY!! Your girls are such beauties!! πŸ™‚

    The highlight of my summer…..that would be our wee trip to Asheville a few weeks back…to visit my old, Dear mountains! I do love them so! Seeing Bears, and Wolflings, having tea with forest folk……and nearly tumbling down a rather steep hill!! (Yes…I can be such a klutz!!) Trips to many natural places that I adored!

    Happy Sunday, indeed!!

  24. We’ve been working to redo our 1010 cottage this summer we finished the hallway adding a closet.

  25. The highlight of my summer was when my family and my mother’s boyfriend and his son went to Crown King for a picnic. It was the start of monsoon season and no one checked the weater and we got caught in a monsoon in the middle of our picnic. Before that I had scratched my arm somehow and ended up with a giant worm like blister on my arm. I’ve never had people fuss over me much, but everyone was concerned that I had some sort of disease haha. We all tried our best to stick it through the rain, but soon it became too much and we grabbed what we could up to the truck. My mother’s boyfriend had to dismantle our giant canopy by himself and a bolt of lightning almost struck him. It was certainly a comedy of errors. We were all very scared for his safety and for ours, but we couldn’t help laugh as he paused in the middle of the powerful storm to go to the bathroom. He even went back to save his hotdog!
    When we were all safe in the car we found out that the road to Crown King was flooded and to try to go through would surely send us sliding down the hill because we had just had a forest fire (as Arizona forests are prone to do, catch fire) and the ground was unstable due to the ash. We ended up having to travel an opposite way up to Prescott and it was much for the better because it was an unpaved road the whole way filled with nature’s beauty. We told stories and jokes and have never been so close to one another.
    I discovered that lilies grow in our arid desert and that our hodge podge group can actually be a family.

    Even if I don’t win I’d like to say that your artwork is gorgeous and I’m glad to have found you.

  26. The highlight of my summer is definitely being reunited with my boyfriend after three weeks of separation. it was the first time we were really apart and I found it very hard. Then one day i went to meet him at the airport, held his hand during the car drive and cuddle with him for the rest of the day, while the sun was coming through the windows and the birds were singing outside. We whispered secret words to each other the floated in the air for some time then disappeared between the beams of the ceiling. I was so so happy.

  27. This is an awesome giveaway….I absolutely LOVE IT! My highlight would have to have been when my b/f built our toddlers a fenced in place to play outside. Since we live right by a street, we could hardly ever let them off the porch. When they came home from Nana’s and found the place to play, they were so excited!

  28. I love it. The highlight of my summer was that the pool that was supposed to close, never did, so I enjoyed the pool all summer long.

  29. This is beautiful. I’d wear it with a vintage chiffon Dior blouse and black pencil skirt for fall.

    Of course mine has to do with a boy. An Oxford exchange student I’d thought was perfect all summer finally expressed that he “fancied” me this past Friday and we walked through fields and around a lake until 3 in the morning holding hands and talking about Shakespeare and Evelyn Waugh and Scotland and a trillion other things. I did lose my favorite pair of flats in a bog–but it was worth it!

  30. What a cool watch! I especially like the ‘flapper'(?) featured on front.
    Thus far the best thing that has happened to me this Summer is my daughter getting off the bus from Iraq,she had been gone and I had been caring for her two young boys ( 6&7) so it was a great moment all around.
    If nothing else happens this Summer this is more than I had hoped for and I am grateful….

  31. The highlight of my summer was hanging out with my kids in our pj’s and sleeping late:)
    THAT is what life is all about!

    I would love to win this necklace…it looks like my grandmother who is celebrating her 85th birthday next month, she would love it!

  32. i would think it had to be moving into my very own house less than one month ago … i bought my first little place more than 30 years ago when i was only 22 for less money than what you pay for a new car today. a couple years later i married and moved into a new house where i stayed for far too longgggg. now i’m here alone in this sweet old 1929 cape cod house in need of much work and i couldn’t be happer.

  33. Finding out the day I was laid off from my ‘real job’ that the gallery I work with needed an artist to hang a show in less than a month and wanted me to do it. Working on 9 paintings in 3 1/2 weeks was challenging and rewarding. Instead of being sad at losing my job, I was able to have time to focus on my real passion! I never produced such great work before and took my work to the next level.

  34. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! ‘Bout time I de-lurked. πŸ™‚

    My summer highlight was escaping the Texas heat and traveling to New Zealand to see my dear friend (who I hadn’t seen in 8 years!). Three weeks of hanging out, chatting, reading, knitting, watching movies together, playing with her baby, eating too much NZ cheese & chocolate and laughing every day. It was perfect.

  35. Hmmmm, my summer highlight would have to be a simple trip to the zoo I took with my boys. One of the elephants was swimming in the mote about 10 ft. from us. Absolutely amazing! Of course my kids were unimpressed, not at all realizing what a gift it was.

    I love reading your blog!


  36. The highlight of my summer has been finding an old friend I haven’t seen in over ten years. I actually haven’t seen her-but will this weekent. That will be the best part of this summer!

  37. The highlight of my summer has been moving to my new apartment. The actual moving part was horrific since it was so hot, but now I have THREE closets. One walk-in and two others in my room. I nearly passed out when I saw the size of the walk-in. I’ve never had a walk-in closet so it was so exciting!

  38. The highlight of my summer will be this Saturday when I get a day off work. Not much happening this summer.

  39. Hmm, highlight of my summer…..probably when I went whale watching for the first time. That was pretty awesome…oh and when i got my new cat too πŸ™‚ she’s awesome and her name is Sammich.

  40. Hmm, highlight of my summer…..probably when I went whale watching for the first time. That was pretty awesome…oh and when i got my new cat too πŸ™‚ she’s awesome and her name is Sammich.

  41. My life is pretty boring but I do love to watch my grandchildren race. They race 600 micro midgets race cars and are doing very well. I love to see them win and they have won a few races this year.

  42. What a lovely giveaway!

    My highlight of the summer was driving with my husband and son from Montreal to New Brunswick for the first time. We hung out with old friends, made new friends, went to Sappyfest (an indie music festival) and had a wonderful time πŸ™‚

  43. oooohhhh! thank you so much for the comment you left me about this, sarah!!!! it’s such a beautiful locket!!!

    my highlight of the summer is that even though i did not get a schoolarship i was expecting so i could go to sweden and do my masters, i decided to go anyway. i have some savings but i will have to get a job inmediatly in order to survive the rest of the year. it is a highlight not only of my summer but of my life as it will be a big adventure. i tend to plan things but for now, the only plan iΒ΄ve got is go to sweden, do my masters and no matter what, have an amazing experience. maybe my stay will last 3 weeks, maybe 3 months or maybe 3 years, who knows?

    i am very scared though, hehehe. cross your fingers for me n_n

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