Seafaring Heart

My newest painting, Seafaring Heart. I am so excited about this piece, the story sort of unfolded as I was in the process of painting it which felt so magical. The original is quite large for me, painting on a 12″ by 16″ Ampersand panel.

And see the details, below.

The 8″ x 10″ prints are offered on both fine art paper and canvas here.

A little secret…my sort-of muse and model for this painting is in the post, first picture, photo taped on mirror. I think she is a combo of the the girl in the photo and the character from this painting. And, a little hint…the pair under the photo in the above linked post are the models in the painting I am working on now, titled Bumblebee Sisters.

And one more thing…I have a lovely, lovely rare GIANT vintage cameo locket that will house this print, which will be up for sale very soon, so check back soon! The locket is my most precious and I have decided to part with it.

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  1. i must say that this is extremely touching, in so many ways. your work always has such a pure, emotional depth, to me, but this particular painting is especially beautiful. every element of this image contains something magical, nostalgic, poetical. the ships in particular are exquisite. i had better quit while im ahead here – i am never quite so well versed when it comes to expressing in words how something moves me!

    she could almost be the human-like version of a duh buh duh girl, too. a mysterious, lost character, a doll come to life, the most beautiful sort of fairytale.

    your paintings so quite often remind me of old, old stories that i have read, although i can never recall where. in dreams, perhaps.

    1. Louise,

      Your words here are too kind! I am constantly in awe of your work so to hear this from you means so much to me. Kind words such as these are an inspiration and a motivator to keep imagining, dreaming, being inspired and most of all to keep painting! Thanks so much!

  2. I am so happy you finally finished the piece, and that we can see it entirely. I am not disappointed at all, this is a very very beautiful piece. I especially love the ethereal feeling of it, and the touches of green and red 🙂

  3. Wow. This is probably my favorite piece of yours to date. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite part is the group of misty ship-masts in the left corner. Congratulations on such beautiful work!

  4. So happy to finally see her in all her glory! Oh, what a beautiful painting. Your girls are always so lovely, a beautiful contrast of light and dark. I love how you use reds as well. Always just the perfect touch! Great job Sarah, this is beyond lovely-

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