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Seafaring Heart

My newest painting, Seafaring Heart. I am so excited about this piece, the story sort of unfolded as I was in the process of painting it which felt so magical. The original is quite large for me, painting on a 12″ by 16″ Ampersand panel.

And see the details, below.

The 8″ x 10″ prints are offered on both fine art paper and canvas here.

A little secret…my sort-of muse and model for this painting is in the post, first picture, photo taped on mirror. I think she is a combo of the the girl in the photo and the character from this painting. And, a little hint…the pair under the photo in the above linked post are the models in the painting I am working on now, titled Bumblebee Sisters.

And one more thing…I have a lovely, lovely rare GIANT vintage cameo locket that will house this print, which will be up for sale very soon, so check back soon! The locket is my most precious and I have decided to part with it.

snail rescue, a true story

Oh to be on a road trip in the middle of the woods, creeping along, carrying your home on your back a very busy snail with somewhere to be! Little did he know he was about to be crushed into a pile of mush by a bicycle!

Plan A: Tried to pick him off of the pavement but that didn’t work, the little guy simple ignored me and kept creeping along (and I was afraid to dismantle him from his home on his back.) This snails got serious suction cup grip!

Plan B: Took a leaf from the side of the trail and placed it in front of him. In the heat of the sun he crawled aboard.

Picked up the leaf.

Placed snail in the soft green moss at the side of the trail and watched as he crawled off, making sure he was headed in the right direction (the lush green woods).

The snail was on his way, oblivious of any human intervention, never pausing once.

Oh, how I wanted to take him home, poke three holes in a mayonnaise jar and place a few blades of grass inside!

Speaking of snails, paint is related to snails because it dries so darn slow! I took the day off and escaped to the seashore today, and missed my chance to photo my creation in the daylight, so I am betting that tomorrow the painting will be dry enough for a scan. Yes, I am hoping!


Finally finished the painting today (still untitled) and as soon as it is dry it will be scanned for the store! If it’s not dry by tomorrow (doubtful it will be) I’ll take a photo and post it here because I am just so excited about her!! Started another painting today which has the tentative name Bumblebee Sisters or perhaps Butterfly Sisters depends on which insect I decide to include in the painting.

And I have some good news! I have some prints in the brand new Pivot Gallery and Boutique opening August 1st! You can see the related blog at Orange Willow. Also participating in something else (if you look close at the photo you can see the name written on the package) but I don’t want to gloat until my package actually arrives at it’s destination! Packages:

Back to painting!


Won’t you come with me on a treasure hunt? We can find all sorts of wild and tangled colorful things to inspire! Surround ourselves with the lushness of nature, calico fields, drink bird feather tea (it is yummy!) and bring it all home to create a wild museum of sorts. Giant curios filled with imaginary flowers, twigs and bones.

a sneak peek

The days have been spent painting, painting, painting! Here’s an itty bitty teaser, I hope to finish the painting this weekend, and think of a title:

barn sale at the farm!

My Aunt Diana is having a fabulous barn sale! As always, everything looked like a magazine spread and I was like “are you actually selling this??” as I sorted through the goods.

My mom bought this rug. It has survived three barn sales so it had her name on it!

I bought the most charming box of vintage cotton fabric scraps (and I’m thinking I’l wrap some of my cameo necklaces in bits and pieces for shipping). I’ll be up tonight sorting though it all (along with a bag of wool pieces), studing the tiny calico prints. Oh what am I to do with all this?! I have just the perfect things!

I should of bought these patchy quilt pieces. Barn boots for sale too.

These are the neatest things! They are very old velveteen and handstitched. The backing is made from antique letters written with a quill pen in sepia ink. Amazing!

Inside the barn, looking more like an art gallery. Yes, everything is for sale here (and I did buy some paintings and an art quilt!)

Even the cows wanted to come… and they should attend, it was in their house!

The farm was looking so lovely, lush flowers blooming all around, my aunts art studio (which is on one side of the barn) looking as charming as ever. I left with two boxes of wonderful stuff, and I am dreaming of all things I should of/ could of bought.

letterpress block

I was going through a box of inspiring things today and look what I rediscovered! It’s a antique letterpress block. I have a whole box of them but this one takes the cake. I am guessing this was from a storybook of some kind? I don’t know much about these, but oh, I love it!

a perfect day to feel…

Another morning visiting my favorite spot to ramble along the trails and sit by the pond. The morning weather was perfectly overcast so I was able to stay out until 9:30 am! Usually I plan to be indoors by 7:30 due to the the intolerable heat and humidity. There has been a heat wave here so today I took advantage of the break (still no rain though). This morning the meadow was soft and full of queen anne’s lace.

Other inspiring, meadow-ish things, from above

? snippets of vintage lace from my box
? queen anne’s lace growing wild in the field and roadside
? finding halves of blue bird eggs in the green moss
? recent thrifted dishware, sweetly meadow themed with wildflower silouettes and mushrooms!
? a fawn at the edge of the field. I heard a rustling of grass and took a peek, to my surprise he was there! So sweet.

Looking forward to raindrops! Being stuck inside from rainshowers instead of heat sounds so soothing right now.

sketchbook page and a field of wildflowers

been dreaming and sketching gypsy carts as of late. This is a sketch in one of my larger watercolor albums. I cut up an old patchwork square and glued the fabric to the girl for some pattern ideas to paint.

and this, pure inspiration

I bought this old bought book called “Flowering Wilderness”. I haven’t the faintest idea what its about (and I would rather not know) I just love the title so much, it sparked some ideas. So I tore out the title page and hung it up on my inspiration ribbon. The book was so shabby (and cost a dime!) so I’m not worried about destroying it. It has a very pretty worn and faded purple cover too, which I kept as well!

a little bit of progress

She is coming along swimmingly! I think she is some sort of a botanist, only time will tell. A peek, more soon…