barn sale at the farm!

My Aunt Diana is having a fabulous barn sale! As always, everything looked like a magazine spread and I was like “are you actually selling this??” as I sorted through the goods.

My mom bought this rug. It has survived three barn sales so it had her name on it!

I bought the most charming box of vintage cotton fabric scraps (and I’m thinking I’l wrap some of my cameo necklaces in bits and pieces for shipping). I’ll be up tonight sorting though it all (along with a bag of wool pieces), studing the tiny calico prints. Oh what am I to do with all this?! I have just the perfect things!

I should of bought these patchy quilt pieces. Barn boots for sale too.

These are the neatest things! They are very old velveteen and handstitched. The backing is made from antique letters written with a quill pen in sepia ink. Amazing!

Inside the barn, looking more like an art gallery. Yes, everything is for sale here (and I did buy some paintings and an art quilt!)

Even the cows wanted to come… and they should attend, it was in their house!

The farm was looking so lovely, lush flowers blooming all around, my aunts art studio (which is on one side of the barn) looking as charming as ever. I left with two boxes of wonderful stuff, and I am dreaming of all things I should of/ could of bought.

4 replies on “barn sale at the farm!”

  1. Oh my goodness! What a treasure trove! How I would love to stumble upon a sale like that 🙂 I need to get myself organized!
    Your family must be just bursting with artistic personalities.
    That rug is adorable too!~

  2. Thank you!
    I just love sales, but they are so dangerous:)
    I become weak in the knees when confronted with any time of vintage fabric snippets! But this box is the best!
    Have a great week!

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