tiny dew droplets on very small violets…

…are fairy tears indeed. And fairies do cry, often.

found on the very wet woodsy floor…

Yesterday I found my vintage peachy dress for next weekend’s sweet gathering at the maypole! Layed it down in the lush bed of moss that grows outside my door. Last year (and every year for that matter) I had such a fun time!

May Day is upon us! I would like to thank the enchanted Ulla for getting me all inspired by all her sweet fairy tale posts as of late! Ulla, your blog never fails to inspired and enrich me!

And, other things that inspired the past few days:

The way the sunlight pours though my windows, my every growing ivy plant and the fact that my thumb may actually be green and a small sketch of favorite things:

? paints and messy palettes
? soft candle light
? horses in meadows
? house plants

And I spent some time pushing paints around on this oval panel. Browns and blues, the very beginings of a densely paint-layered piece


12 replies on “tiny dew droplets on very small violets…”

  1. You will be quite the fairy in that gorgeous dress this weekend!! Have a magical time!! Keep up the good green work with your plants. 🙂

    1. Now to dig up my dusty wings….
      I’ll be sure to post many pictures of the adventure! We are going to attend either saturday or sunday (not sure yet due to possible rain storms!)
      Have a good night!

  2. You will surely be the belle of the ball in that amazing dress! What a fluttering confection! I am delighted that I inspire you, as I feel the same about you my dear! Wishing I could join you in your fairy festivities – and so looking forward to hearing how it went! Tinkle a little bell just for me – please…

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