Adventures at the Faerie Festival last Sunday

On Sunday we took a long trek down to the Fairie Festival At Spoutwood Farm in PA. I go every year but this year and this year was the best! The weather was perfect for sitting out in the sunshine on the farms magical land. We walked around, drank yummy tea, perused the vendors enjoyed the beats of the drum circle.
The best part was a miniature gypsy cart that was parked on the grass. I was determined to look for its passengers…

Dear friends….
Miss Cherie:

Miss Shannon:

My dusty boots and patchy tights

Tea Parties!

A faerie cage with moss, feathers and bones. There were real bones hanging from ribbons in the bad faerie lair.

A moss covered parasol under a sky of pine trees. This girl was my favorite.

We relaxed on the grass as the children danced the maypole.

Beautiful blue skies and bubbles floating about

Quirky polka dotties and striped tights

Pony rides and mandarin orange tutus

Shadows, ribbons and skulls hanging from a wall built of sticks

After spending the day outside I was refreshed and ready to go home and enjoy nature again, relax and look forward to summer. Beauty can be found in the smallest places and go unnoticed, like these pretty yellow flowers that sprinkled the field at the festival.

We three going home…