Lavender Ice in My Tea and a Mossy Shrine

I made lavender ice cubes. They give my tea such a wonderful flavor, and the way that the lavender leaves embed into the icyness is so pretty. I’ve been sipping iced green tea these days.

In the yard there such a lush green tuft of moss, perfectly dappled by sunlight. I went inside and gathered up blackberries and petals, along with my new collection of blue jay feathers and heart shaped stones (I have three, finding them is quite addictive). The girl in the middle is actually a close-up of a painting on a postcard by Louis Janmot from 1845.

I have never seen this painting before and at first view my heart jumped. I love the experience of viewing undiscovered art. The whole painting is so beautiful and serene… I have been staring at this postcard for weeks and I had no idea. Theres something about her face and the colors of her clothing were completely unexpected…

Have a beautiful day~*~*~