pretty blue planter and art project in progress…

I found the most beautiful baby blue deer planter last week. It was love at first glance, my heart nearly thumped out of my chest while my eyes were quickly scanning a shabby assortment of junk. It was in the most dreadful condition too….all brown and dirty… someone tried to paint it with acrylics! I can not say how much the color and shape inspire me so. I am going to put it on my yuletide alter with light blue pillar candles on each side, holly, mint, and a dainty ceramic blue bell.
planter pictures posted in

And atid bit of a project, so far, juxtaposed with a sketch book idea. My most recent realization…Sketchbooks are awesome! I have finally found my little recording device, a true springboard for future ideas, color palettes, composition, narratives….
I have been hoarding thrift shop found wooden homes. Sanding them and gessoing them, preparing for something I’ll post when completed.
Tidbits below. Can you guess?

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