pages one and two, three and four…

One sunny afternoon in July I took a walk to the library and to my disappointment it was closed. The place is built in a wooded part of town with a stream and woods behind it.. .I live in the heart of suburbia surrounded by pretty wooded parks, fields and trails. To my surprise, as I was wandering around the the library exploring its fabulous earthy mid-century architecture I came face to face with a red fox! He was sleeping in one of the alcoves (the library was designed to blend with nature, all of the windows have nooks with greenery planted in them). Perhaps the fox was confused or maybe rabid? But I think he was sleeping there, as he seemed to be curled up in a little ball when my sight first caught glimpse of him. Ever since this event my eyes have been opened to all the fabulous wild creatures we have living here…deer, owls, rabbits, and raccoons to name a few. The creatures are completely locked in by the houses, reliant on the land humans have set aside for them, and the extra kind humans who keep their properties natural.
Here they are, the first four pages of my new sketchbook!
Pens, acrylic paints and colored pencils.
One, two

Three, four

My sketchbook is little. These pages are 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2 ” each!
Just to get an idea…
And you get a sneak peek at pages 5 and 6!

more soon…