vintage lace and my favorite fiber art

I’ve been sorting through my antique fiber stash and it’s quite inspiring. I thought I didn’t want to work in the fiber medium anymore but its quite funny how I can look at old textile pieces and see pictures and little scenes within. Its good to take a breather and step back. Isn’t sepia is just so magnificent?
Vintage lace, circa 1920’s
Me in the summertime, circa 2005. I miss the blossoms on my old street.

Going through my art quilts and I decided that parts of this piece are my favorite of all time. Most is painted canvas, free motion sewn and appliqued with bits of vintage lace from the 20’s and 60’s, completed in Dec 2005. There’s strength in her serenity.

Which leads me to question where I am going with my art and painting and sewing and such…
Every year around this time I reevaluate and with this I am re-inspired.
So many little scenes in my head, some with texture, some not, some with just paint. I am going to follow my muse, full circle.
What are you reevaluating this new year? Please do share!