abandoned nests and woolly bears

…journal #2 & #3 and now i’ve decided that they are too pretty to lug around so they will sit on my studio shelf all lonely.
tonight i hung up some pretty wintry william morris inspired curtains and unpacked my lantern to hang as well. warming up the room for the cold windy days ahead and looking forward to the washed-out colors the season brings. welcome november! i am dying to hear the new joanna newsom. for now I listen to the milk-eyed mender.
here it is, fall’s last lament…

handbound book-

made from my fav paper

sir woolly bear. i wanted to take him home but i soon realized it would be mean to keep him in a little jar. the next day i saw him squashed on the path by a bicycle tire. i should of listened to my intuition.

sunshine setting in the woods. it gets dark too early for me to see this anymore:(
i see it on my commute home from work.

robin-egg blue teapots and cups on journal #3

no more fall colors for me ’til next year.