handmade books and such

An update! I made a little photo collage to show what I have been up to…

Now that the clocks have been turned back it gets dark SO early…4:00! I think my weekday forest meanderings are over for the season. I have to change my walking route to go through the well-lit town.
And…my first three sketchbook journals are complete. Sneak peek here. I took them into the woods for a photo shoot by the leafy stream the other day.

Click link below for pictures.

I had to take my boots off to get a picture of my tights before they get destroyed (my tights always seem to have a short lifespan):(

Presenting…sketchbook journal #1! Made from scratch and bound by me…

The cover…

I doodled a girl on sketchbook #1’s cover.

Last weekend I went into the city searching far and wide for gigantic heart lockets. Found them! I need to put some sketches inside, don’t you think?

Lost lockets and holes in trees…

The sunlight was amazing, especially the way it radiated through the leaves. I’m going to miss fall:(

Shelf Mushrooms. I had fun.

Will post closeups of my other sketchbooks very soon.