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Dragonfly Bag Commission

Here she is, the fabric layout for a new commissioned bag “Mesmerized by Dragonflies”. Theres going to be lots of threaded details on this one after I stitch it all up. She has golden hair and shimmery blue wings, with two dragonflies buzzing around her. This two handled tote style bag is made from very soft blue upholstery fabric, and will have a giant dragonfly with shimmery wings appliqued on its inner pocket. I will post pictures when I’m done! I need to take my machine in for a servicing, as the needle keeps breaking when it hits the bobbin case. The needle isn’t bent, and the bobbin case is pushed in all the way. Anyone know why this is happening? I have been trouble shooting for two hours, and I STILL can’t figure it out!!! Very frustrating….it’s a new machine!!!!!

Bags for Sale!!!

Finally…Here are three pretty one-of-a-kind bags, created from my own patterns and appliqued from my fairy art. Each has a hand painted face, is fully lined with a pocket and comes with my own super cute lil’ leafy ties to keep it closed!!! Bags are $78.00 each plus shipping.
Here is “Tiger Lily Goddess”

Her name is “Peacock Enchantment”

And finally, the beautiful “Burgundy Whisper”

Wings, commissions, art.. AND heart day!!!

As promised, here’s a picture of my lovely little wings (with real leaf skeletons preserved inside!) from:

I will be wearing these to the Fairie Festival this coming May!! For now, they are hanging over my antique mirror draped in vintage lace and faux glass pearls. In addition- I met a few lovely ladies at the Faire this weekend…
Jenny from Madwoman in the Attic makes pretty books of leather, cloth and beads, stuffed with watercolor paper. She was even on HGTV creating her books…a real superstar Artiste!!! Check out her site at:
AND, for beautiful one-of-a-kind goddess/ ritual and totally enchanted jewelry check out Freya’s Fire:
In addition:
I am working on a commission for a beautiful dragonfly handbag in shades of blues, grays and golds. Very textured…like the wing of a dragonfly! I will post the art as soon as I scan it in my computer, and the finished bag as well.
Today I took a trip to the art store (once again!) and bought some Liquitex molding paste, mulberry paper and three mini pieces of hot press water color paper. I have something new up my sleeve!
Oh, and I will definitely be posting some new bags to sell this weekend.
Happy Heart Day all:)

A few Faire Photos!!!

Thanks to all who visited my booth and to those who purchased my bags! I had a lovely time at the faire, despite the foot plus of snow and gusty winds. ‘Twas an adventure! Oh, and I got a beautiful pair of dainty fae wings from
I will post pics of those as well!
Took two long walks in the snow today to unwind, plus cleaning up my studio, setting up for new projects (bags AND some art!) And I got me a new sketch book to record my daily musings in. It’s been forever since I kept a sketch book, but I can definetly benefit from a visual journal.
Take peak at me and my booth…

My ren gear, complete with a little peacock feather gal belt pouch. I was going to wear my custom curly toe fae shoes, but I settled on my Fluevogs for comfort reasons (and jumping through the snow!)

My tabletop…

The main room (I was in the next room over, with the “stage”

This setup was soo cute..Very sleepy greyhounds…

The room that I was in, looking out from my booth.

Always chit chatting, me and my booth from afar.

A mute faerie selling pretty roses.

Me behind the booth.

~*~*~*Today is the big day~*~*~*~

Finally, the Faire! I’ve got my booth all figured out, bags made, orchid and lily costume, check! My booth is in the room with the main performance stage, very cool! AND- to add to the excitement and adventure, A BLIZZARD IS ON THE WAY, starting at 3pm today. The faire goes from 12 noon to midnight. Besides the snow forcast, I am PSYCHED!!!!!
Here’s a sneak peak at one of my leafy bags…

Got to go pack, dress, fun fun!

preparations preparations…

Just chowing down on strawberry Mochi (YUM!) and working on the gigantic piles of stuff for Faire this Saturday.
The sign, tableclothes, tags, mailing list book, sketch for booth set-up…DONE!:

The pile of stuff otherwise-known-as-my-costume…peacock feathers and curly toe faerie shoes that I made last year, amongst other pretty things that I will prepare (including a crown)

a very busy week indeed! But the bags are done. I will post a photo of those very soon.

Welcome February!

I have been very busy creating, sewing, planning. I can’t believe it…the Faire is next weekend! Amongst all the fabric and thread frenzy I managed to take some pictures of my February table (it was a January table, but has morphed since then.) I went outside and picked some giant ivy leaves and added it to the icy goodness of the table.
Here is my GIANT irridescent abalone shell, which contains little reflections of the season~ pearly white spheres, tiny trinkets of this and that, and dried pink rose petals from last summer…
The row of white flowers on the shell is an antique bridal headpiece. It has the prettiest stream of creamy white ribbons dangling from it. From my “vaults” of fiber goodies.

Here it is, by candlelight. A pretty lady (angel tree topper!) with windblown hair carries a basket of seeds and snowflakes, and spreads them on the fetile earth. All my goodies rest below her. The table is adorned with a sari cloth from thanks again Megan! I will get your box out as soon as the frenzy is over!!!

JOY (and OM too) This is a definite reminder that, when this sewing madness is all over, I will make time for myself to indulge in complete bliss and work on some secret artsy goodies.

During a little snow flurry storm I painted some branches white and glued on magic snowy fluff otherwise known as Polyfill stuffing! The gal is wearing (draped over her shoulders) vintage strands of glass rhinestones. Dug them out of my “Vintage Trims” box.

a spring green dragonfly waiting for spring…

Joy again…

Here it all is in lightness without the glow of the candle. Purple and green reflect the color theme of my bags and booth for Wicked Faire

Thank ye for putting all your pretty eyes on my table. I hope to see you at the faire… please come up and introduce yourself!!!