Wings, commissions, art.. AND heart day!!!

As promised, here’s a picture of my lovely little wings (with real leaf skeletons preserved inside!) from:

I will be wearing these to the Fairie Festival this coming May!! For now, they are hanging over my antique mirror draped in vintage lace and faux glass pearls. In addition- I met a few lovely ladies at the Faire this weekend…
Jenny from Madwoman in the Attic makes pretty books of leather, cloth and beads, stuffed with watercolor paper. She was even on HGTV creating her books…a real superstar Artiste!!! Check out her site at:
AND, for beautiful one-of-a-kind goddess/ ritual and totally enchanted jewelry check out Freya’s Fire:
In addition:
I am working on a commission for a beautiful dragonfly handbag in shades of blues, grays and golds. Very textured…like the wing of a dragonfly! I will post the art as soon as I scan it in my computer, and the finished bag as well.
Today I took a trip to the art store (once again!) and bought some Liquitex molding paste, mulberry paper and three mini pieces of hot press water color paper. I have something new up my sleeve!
Oh, and I will definitely be posting some new bags to sell this weekend.
Happy Heart Day all:)