Dragonfly Bag Commission

Here she is, the fabric layout for a new commissioned bag “Mesmerized by Dragonflies”. Theres going to be lots of threaded details on this one after I stitch it all up. She has golden hair and shimmery blue wings, with two dragonflies buzzing around her. This two handled tote style bag is made from very soft blue upholstery fabric, and will have a giant dragonfly with shimmery wings appliqued on its inner pocket. I will post pictures when I’m done! I need to take my machine in for a servicing, as the needle keeps breaking when it hits the bobbin case. The needle isn’t bent, and the bobbin case is pushed in all the way. Anyone know why this is happening? I have been trouble shooting for two hours, and I STILL can’t figure it out!!! Very frustrating….it’s a new machine!!!!!