week 39 (and a handful of first acorns)

Waiting. Everything baby-related is all set. I’ve been taking walks, sipping iced green tea and lemonade and treasure hunting to pass the time. Yesterday I found a beautiful wooden box adorned with violets, some locket cameos and wool sweaters for the upcoming season.

We went exploring in Princeton and came about this pretty mansion with a big front porch and rocking chairs (perfect to rest my tired feet). And here we are…

And a beautiful english-stye garden leading to the back of the house

I always look forward to the first handful of fallen acorns this time of year!

We simply can not wait to have our little one trek around with us this fall! I have ideas for pumpkin patch photos and other autumn-y outings. Fall in these parts is the best!

Happy mid-August all!

6 replies on “week 39 (and a handful of first acorns)”

  1. Look at you and your sweetie! It’s a treat seeing you both here on your blog. Sarah, you look absolutely radiant! And yes, imagine all the Halloweens in your future! All the pumpkin patches and homemade costumes (somehow I can imagine you sewing up magical costumes for your little one)…you three are going to have so much fun. I’m happy for you. 🙂

  2. Oh you look simply lovely and glowing! : ) And I do love the first green acorns, as well! Such a beautiful spot you’ve found there! Best wishes to You!! : )

  3. Oh Sarah, you look so beautiful! Lol, I remember that last month and it wasnt pretty for me, haha! You both look so restful and happy, and you found so many pretty treasures!

    Thinking of you as the time for your new arrival draws near! Prepare to see the world in technicolor, there is just nothing like it…. 🙂

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