and the queen bee is….

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I was going to put all of your names in my little house like I usually do but I was swamped this time! Thank you so very much (all 145 of you that entered!) I am completely touched and inspired by the thoughtfulness and beauty of your writing! And I must share what Fairy Filigree wrote:

Well my favourite Springtime memory belongs to many many years ago when, upon my insistence, mother convinced my father to take us off to the country for a picnic. We went to this new seaside place Iā€™d never been to before & I was staggered at the beauty of the sea and the waves from what looked like cliffs to me. Years later, when I revisited the site, I recognised it immediately and realised it had all looked so huge and overwhelming to me because I had been so very little.

Stories of the sea are so inspiring, thank you! And isn’t it so true…how huge everything appears when one is so small.

I will post my fondest spring memory soon. I have a photograph to go along with it that I need to locate!

And speaking of spring, it is far, far from here in the northeast. It has been snowing since Wednesday and we have over a foot on the ground. Today I went for a long, snowy walk (which was so peaceful and calm among the lingering flurries), organized my oil paints (preparing for another painting session), and cheered up this old handmade sweater a bit with rick rack on it’s yoke. Recently I go crazy over anything golden.

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  1. Theresa says:

    Congratulations to the very lucky winner! I am sure she will treasure the beautiful locket for many years to come. šŸ™‚ Theresa

  2. margie oomen says:

    a beautiful memory, wonderful name and of course a gorgeous golden sweater redo.
    my kittens seem to prefer living plants like the muscari growing in a pot on the kichen table.

  3. Wow! Amazing, I am just writing a post about this. Oh I’m so very happy – thank you!

  4. What a lucky Fairy !

    Also, I am afraid I’ve tagged you …
    Play only if you’d like to, but I would sure love to read your answers ā™„
    You can read the details there :

    x x x

  5. susanna says:

    Congratulations to Fairy Filigree! That Is a good spring memory. I like your bee illustration for the giveaway, too, Sarah. And the trim on the sweater looks great. It adds that extra bit of charm to the sweater and the matching big button is the perfect finishing touch. You have a terrific personal style.

  6. Val Mann says:

    I just love your work and your blog…I visit everyday to see if there is something new…
    You are one person I would love to sit and chat with…


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