this weekend was spent…

? visiting my favorite little seaside town
? walking on the boardwalk oh so briefly with a cup of hot coffee and a good friend
? eating yummy veggie food, out
? cooking yummy veggie food, at home
? sorting through things in my studio and taking out new inspirations
? visiting my grandma and bringing home some of her treasures!
? being inspired by (and longing for) color
? nonstop journaling
? perusing bookstores
? taking a road trip to my favorite little river town in pa, walking the streets and meandering around in shops
? dancing!
? scanning tidbits of lace and lace collars before I glue them into my journal
? treating myself to a long, flowing (and very colorful!) summer skirt that smells of nag champa
? browsing a favorite flea market and buying more vintage lockets (I just can’t kick the habit) and other vintage adornments
? taking in the last half of february 2009

the ocean and lace are a very inspiring combination!

18 replies on “this weekend was spent…”

  1. What a wonderful wonderful weekend! I love walking outside with a cup of tea or coffee in my hands. I wish I lived close enough to the sea to be able to drive and see it on the weekends.
    I hope you will share with us all those pretty treasures you found!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Your weekend sounds so perfect. I CAN see a visual relationship between the lace and the waves crashing along the beach, or between the lace and the wildflowers growing on the dunes. It’s interesting to see what you bring together, Sarah, and I’m curious how you’ll incorporate them into your artwork.

  3. That sound like my perfect weekend too, I live in the Pacific Northwest and love the beach. I love collecting, being creative, buying books and love being vegetarian. I think if we ever met we’d be perfect friends 🙂

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