meadow morning

Can you believe that tomorrow is July 1st?
Summer makes me crave open meadows and basking in the morning sun. There’s somthing so ethereal about a field full of tall grass and wildflowers in the morning. This morning I sat in the field after a long run through the woods. The way the sun shone through the dancing grass was uplifting.

Oh, and i bought a really neat big old blue book called “Birds of America”. When I got it home and was flipping through the pages a big sheet of old bird stamps flutterered to the ground. They are so pretty, and I am so tempted to taste the old peppermint glue on the back! Yuckyum!

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  1. Lovely times in the summer aren’t there? Sitting in meadows, jumping in pools, sitting under the stars…:) I would so lick those stamps too-lol!

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