closing my eyes and breathing in spring

It’s been soooo long-awaited. The warm sunshine and the crocuses sprouting up signal it’s arrival. Been spending most of my free time outside in the semi-warm sunshine and making sepia washes in my sketchbooks, looking inward and not too worried about outcomes. I dug up some very old fountain pens and it feels so much nicer dipping the pen in and out of the ink for my little sketchy notes and things, slowly. Mmmmm…

And this was before the lace was glued into my tiny inspiration-filled watercolor moleskine, a mistake as now it does not close properly!

I found the above little treasures in an old box (the magnifying glass) and out in the garden bed (the rose shard).The locket is a recyled (but not truely vintage, I think) one that will be in shop soon, along with two others (poppy themed!). The sketches, well those are for me!

10 replies on “closing my eyes and breathing in spring”

  1. Oh! Your sketchbook pages are *so gorgeous*. I love that china shard; such a pretty little treasure to unearth. 🙂

    I am so excited too that Spring is just around the corner! Although today the weather is quite dreary; but at least I know there must be some sunshine and warm breezes in the near future! The trees are starting to blossom, which is making me hope even more. 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!!!

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