mossy slippers

Before the temperature here hit the low teens I was outside in my moss-inspired slippers. The real moss was so lush and beaming with the most beautiful shade of green with little twig-like things embeded throughout. Soft and full of cushiness! Mmmm green… I love green!

Slippers that are supposed to be for inside only

So as part of a way to keep more organized and journal a bit I altered spiral bound calender. Nothing fancy, just gessoed a few pages and glued in bits of things that inspire such as embroideries and little tears of paper. It’s a reminder for me to use all the pretty vintage things I already own. I have so many boxes of lace and papers from my treasure hunts. Before I go and search for more (Oh SO addictive!)I would like to make do and recycle a bit in my art. I think that using vintage pieces really does bring more of a story and energy to the art as well. The embroidery on the right came from a dusty shoebox at a yard sale.

seas of lace

I covered the gessoed cover in old sepia lace from a old dress shop. Sometimes fragmented sentences and phrases come to mind and I have to write them down.


I almost forgot to show this off! yummy plate



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