forest walk

The weekends are spent meandering around and exploring in nature. Now that the days are short, dark and chilly I have to squeeze in my long walks on saturday and sunday. I think in the wintertime I need to look harder for inspiration, but when I find it I am so happy! The sky is gray but the crabapples are plentiful…their ruby red fruit is a visual feast! Yesterday when I was walking I stumbled upon this tree…just look at the fruit!

The trail in the woods where I walk…

It was so snowy and magical the other morning!

A new favorite wool sweater to keep me warm. Not vintage but vintage-inspired and perfectly faded and soft. The colors capture my favorite tones as of recent. Reds, grays, brownish-greens.

When I walked by the crabapple tree on the way home there was a flock of blue jays and other little brownish birds perching in its branches. I stood quietly trying to get one to come close so I could snap a picture. This little gal was perched above me and againt branches and sky she was so pretty!

I’ve been collecting little nature things along the trail for inspiration. Usually when there’s snow my treasure hunt is useless, but yesterday I filled my pockets with these seed pods. They are so delicate! I put them on my book shelf

On a side note, my vintage dress came in the mail! It is so pretty and feather light, a billowy shimmer of gray with burgandy accents and cute little buttons. I am going to make a deep red sash for it. Its from the Etsy store of Stephanie Bracciano (and thats her in the photo below, modeling my new lovely dress!) She was such a doll and included two pretty little prints in the package as well.

And here we are…Monday. I have to admit that not all days are full of walks and seedpods. Some (or should I say most?) are full of to-do lists and trying very hard to squeeze even a sketch in. And here they are, scanned, to-do lists and sketches, worn and crumbled from my pockets:


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