Lovely Sunday, Etsy Finds

The wee hours of last night were spent exploring etsy and all of its wonders (and painting too, but more about that very soon!). There are so many beautiful things on etsy one would never ever have to step foot in a crowded mall again! And here they are… my faves, picked for their rich, earthy tones and lush textures.

I love this bag! It’s the When You Think Anthropologie Bag by Elsa Bags

I have had my eyes on the jewelry of Neile for some time. My favorite is The Monarch Butterfly Necklace a magical real butterfly wing captured in glass. And just in case you are concerned about this sort of thing, the artist states that her wing creations are cruelty free, taken after the butterfly has completed it’s lifecycle. I could imagine wearing this with a pretty vintage blouse in the dead of winter as a reminder of the warm weather ahead.

And another necklace, The Forest Fairytale Necklace by Aloha Dear. It would be so enchanting to dangle this beauty from ones neck!

In my never ending search for sepia-ish, earthy and textured vintage finery I came across the most beautiful 50’s skirt with pretty white rose embroidery at the hem. This one will be arriving at my doorstep very soon, to be worn with tights and lots of layers (as I don’t want to put it away til spring!)! Detail:

Purchased from Green Dragon Lady

Right now my little room is filled to the brim with patterned papers and splotches of paint. The sun poured into the windows and through my sheer curtains and I felt so grateful to have such a space to work. Today I went for a long walk in the cold and sipped warm coffee. This weather is my absolute favorite!

6 replies on “Lovely Sunday, Etsy Finds”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Your etsy finds are divine- the butterfly wing is so unique!! Such a beautiful skirt you found as well!!
    I have been checking in now and again- the paintings you have been working on are quite intense. I do love the colors on the wolf and woman in the dark blue dress- so mysterious and evocative of winter-you are often in “tune” with nature’s revolutions! 😀
    ((hugs to you on the cold weather and warm drink filled days))

    1. Thanks! But only the skirt will be mine…I would go broke if I bought all the others (although, yes, I am dreaming of it)
      Thanks for checking back, I am in a wintery mode, and I have lots more coming!
      (((((hugs back….happy winter Eileen!))))

  2. What lovely, unusual finds!! I just love digging through Etsy to see what interesting and whimsical pieces I can discover! I think the Monarch wing is my favorite of everything you picked out… so different!

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