Win a free print!

Its that time again…time for another drawing! All you need to do is pick you favorite print and it just may be yours! Which one will you choose?

1. The Woods the Sea and Tea

2. Lost at Sea

3. The Very Reluctant Farewell

4. One Misty Morning

Choose one of the four listed here and on Thursday at 8:00 pm I will announce the winner. The print will then be shipped to your doorstep for free!

57 replies on “Win a free print!”

  1. Truly a difficult decision.

    I would have to choose #3; A Reluctant Farewell.

    All are lovely.

  2. That is a really tough choice…each one is beautiful in it’s own way! I do think I would have to say #3 though.

    Your recent paintings are wonderful!

  3. I choose the lovely Miss #3. I adore her and plan on inviting her to live at my house eventually anyway!

  4. it’s so hard to pick just one because they are all so very beautiful.
    First I thought about The Very Reluctant Farewell because I love autumn but One Misty Morning is also my favourite. oh I will choose One Misty Morning because I can’t wait for the winter and snow. They say that it’s going to snow in the place I live in on friday. I can’t wait.

  5. I love them all, its hard to choose. For me personally, I love #4 as it reminds me of ancestors from long ago, and as I am an avid genealogy person, this grabs me.


  6. #4 – One Misty Morning. Definately. Not just beauty-wise, there it shares first place with #3, but because the first time I saw it it was like seeing a whole new stage of your artistry.

  7. oh dear, they are all so delightful. i think i bond the most with #4– one misty morning– perhaps because of the gentle isolation, the wintered girl & tiny book in hand.

  8. Oh! All your pieces are so lovely… but I would have to choose #2 Lost at Sea. I love the limited palette and subject matter! Thanks for doing this drawing–what a lovely idea! 🙂

  9. i absolutely adore your work. it has to be 4,3,2,1 for me for this moment, however i dare say i might have a change of heart in the next second. simply divine.

  10. I have a Very Reluctant Farewell and love it!! So, I would choose One Misty Morning- I like her faraway eyes! 😀

  11. Well, since I already own #1 and #4 – I’ll have to go with #3 it’s truly beautiful (I do, however, also enjoy #2 – but I had to make a choice!!!). Hope you are doing well. Cheers!

  12. Well, since I already own #1 and #4, I’ll have to go wtih #3 (it is truly beautiful!). I also adore #2 but I had to make a choice. Hope you’re well. Cheers!

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